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Valorant Champions Tour

Masters Copenhagen is right around the corner! Teams from around the world battled across seven regional Challengers tournaments to earn one of the twelve spots at the first international event of the season. From July 10-24, qualified teams will compete for points, prizes, and a chance to write their name in history! Masters Copenhagen is the second event of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour and we’ll see how the major VCT regions stack up against each other.


Teams attending the event earned their spots by finishing with the best records within their respective VCT Challenger competitions. The tournament will see representatives from North America, EMEA, Korea, Japan, APAC, Brazil, and Latin America. Masters will begin with a group stage, followed by an eight team double elimination bracket. All matches will be Best-of-3, with the exception of the  Lower Bracket Finals and the Grand Finals, which will be Best-of-5. We're excited to also feature a live audience for the last three days of the event, from July 21st-24th.  To learn more about Masters Copenhagen, check out http://ValorantEsports.com.