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Privacy Policy

At Tixr, we want you to love your ticket.

To make sure this happens, we use technology to learn what you like and want. While we think our sites, apps, and point-of-sale systems are pretty cool, we also understand that you need to protect your privacy. We take that seriously.

Here's an overview of what we do. If it's not right for you, you don't have to use our services. If you go ahead and use them (and we hope you do), then you are agreeing to the policy we've set here and in our site's terms of service.

Looking for specific information about GDPR? See our dedicated page.

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Data Collection Purposes: The Short Version

Complete Privacy Policy

Owner and Data Processor

Tixr Inc, 1337 3rd Street Promenade, Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Owner contact email:

Types of Data collected

Mode and place of processing the Data

Methods of processing

Legal basis of processing


Retention time

The purposes of processing

Facebook permissions asked by this Website

Detailed information on the processing of Personal Data

In particular, Users have the right to do the following:

Details about the right to object to processing

How to exercise these rights

Any requests to exercise User rights can be directed to the Owner through the contact details provided in this document. These requests can be exercised free of charge and will be addressed by the Owner as early as possible and always within one month.

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Additional information about Data collection and processing

Definitions and legal references

This privacy policy relates solely to this Website, if not stated otherwise within this document. Generated with iubenda May 24, 2018.