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Welcome to Colorworld! Home of THE 1-on-1 Hangouts with your favorite actors in the Anime World and Beyond! Producers of virtual pop culture experiences & licensed, metal art!

Anairis Quinones Merch Store (March 27th) Brittney Karbowski Merch Store (April 17th) Christina Kelly Merch Store (April 17th) Brianna Knickerbocker: Voice of Elaine Bryce Papenbrook: Voice of Meliodas Erica Mendez Autograph: Voice of Lady Diane Kyle Hebert: Voice of Escanor Grey DeLisle-Griffin Merch Store (April 17) Erik Kimerer Voice of: Gowther Jamie Marchi: Merch Store (April 24th) Doug Erholtz: Voice of: Kouichi Zenigata Lex Lang: Voice of Goemon Ishikawa XIII Michelle Ruff Voice of: Fujiko Mine Richard Epcar: Voice of Daisuke Jigen Tony Oliver Voice of: Arsene Lupin III Colleen Clinkenbeard: Voice of Monkey D Luffy Eric Vale: Voice of Sanji