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VidCon Now

Agenda Key:

Virtual - US Pacific Time. VidCon Now US session.

Virtual - MX Central Time. VidCon Now Mexico session.

Virtual - Asia Singapore Standard Time. VidCon Now Asia session. 

VidCon is where the world’s leading digital creators, platform innovators, and their fans converge in one place. It’s the magic of online creators in real life!

During the summer of 2020, VidCon launched VidCon Now, a new digitally-delivered experience that brought that magic to its fans wherever they were in the world. Over the course of 13 weeks, nearly 1 million fans enjoyed more than 150 sessions, delivering 1.3 million total views and 9.3 million minutes of watch time. And we’re not done yet!

VidCon Now is back and here to stay! Inclusive. Diverse. Insightful. Fun. VidCon Now informs, entertains, and connects EVERYONE — fans, creators, and the industry. Don’t miss our unique mix of top creators, emerging stars, industry leaders, and insightful experts throughout the week, EVERY week. Did we mention it's free?!

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