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The M0ve Entertainment

The Move is a combination of 2 companies that cover various aspects in business. Each side incorporates itself in the other combining to create a fresh new concept of promotion.


The Move Entertainment- In which specializes in Brand Management, Concert Planning and Promotion, Brand Marketing, Event Marketing, and  Talent Development.

Stretches over a wide area in the entertainment industry, driven by a well rounded team The Move Entertainment Provides a service like no other . Stretching to any age group to every diverse crowd. The Move specializes in innovation and pride themselves on remaining updated and being able to work and match any crowd a potential client appears to.


The Move Corporation- The Move Corporation was a company started to fund and to provide a mobile application that appears to nightlife crowd in different cities across the united states. The Move is a mobile Application and website that broadcast daily updated information on club events, concerts, and hosted parties in select cities. The Move serves as a guide that the younger generation can use to find the most popular club events in their respected city while also connecting with businesses, artist and promoters on a more personable level. This Application has unique feature called geotag in which based on your location, projects the most updated event that’s happening that night that is closest to you while also sending notifications for special offers as you walk by or within a certain distance from a venue (5 miles).