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Speed League

W H O   W E    A R E

Speed League is an international motorsports league recently founded by (Red Bull) Global Rallycross Championship creator Brian Gale.  Our highly respected personnel have deep experience in event production, sports media and competition management in all major forms of international motor racing. Building on the League's role as a sport organizer for X Games motorsports, we are partnering with ESPN to develop a slate of fresh events that appeal to a younger, more energetic and diverse audience.

O U R   C O M P E T I T I O N S

Featuring marquee action motorsports heroes, our competitions will include genres gaining popularity: off-road trucks, rally car racing and UTVs. We will also be introducing new unique concepts; such as a short-course muscle car racing series. 

F E S T I V A L   E V E N T S

Each event will be unique and will demonstrate a level of quality and professionalism that currently does not exist in the alternative motorsports space. Custom built fan friendly venues will be in exciting locations and the race tracks will feature dimensional elements to highlight driver skill and capabilities of the world-class race vehicles. Racing action will be balanced with other activities such as live music, action sports and car culture elements to make for a full entertainment weekend.

T H E   C A L E N D A R

We currently have scheduled several events through 2017 with more to be determined. Announcements regarding event specifics will be made shortly. Municipalities or promoters interested in hosting a Speed League event are invited to contact us. Hosting benefits include massive media exposure and substantial verifiable economic impact.