Tixr - Premier Live

All ages
$2,500 +
Sun Dec 1 - Dec 10 at Necker Island
2019 Necker Cup, Necker Open and Legends Music


Premier Live

Go iconic places. Do the incredible. Be Your Passion.

PASSION, in addition to being a word that sparks a multitude of emotions, is by itself very impactful. To “Be Your Passion” makes the word beyond impactful, which is exactly the emotional response that Premier Live Co-Founders Remington Reynolds and Trevor Short want when attending one of their world-class events.

 In 2012, Remington and Trevor took their passions for tennis, golf, music and travel and turned their combined 50 years industry experience into a company focused on creating unique opportunities to help clients live out their passions.

Please visit our website premierlive.com to learn more about how we can help you BE YOUR PASSION

2019 Necker Cup, Necker Open and Legends Music