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Piknic Electronik

The Piknic Èlectronik phenomenon continues its expansion and arrives to Miami!


Since its first edition in 2003 in Canada, Piknic Électronik has become one of the essential events every summer season in Montreal, with almost 200,000 people attending every year.

Its concept of high quality, fair prices and positive impact for everybody allowed it to expand and grow steadily internationally over the last 10 years. In 2012, the concept was exported for the first time and Piknic arrived in Barcelona, quickly followed by Melbourne, Dubai, Santiago, Austin and Paris.


This year it's Miami's turn, the city of eternal sun and parties, will celebrate its first season with three Piknic Électronik dates to be held at The Oasis, an amazing open-air space in the Wynwood Arts District. This incredible venue will host some of the world's leading artists of the electronic music scene such as Lee Burridge, Acid Pauli, Jan Blomqvist, Culoe de Song, Apache, Jimi Jules and Audiofly who will be performing between February and April 2022.


The concept is simple: once a month, from 3:00 pm to 3:00 am, you will be able to enjoy the best of electronic music, on two stages where internationally renowned DJs and local artists will play while you can spend a delightful time with your friends & family, in a green, comfortable and perfectly designed environment.


And if the grownups can have fun on the dance floor with a lineup that will surprise everyone in each edition, children will also be able to enjoy themselves with "Petit Piknic", an especially designed area for them and their families.


At The Oasis, the attendees will be able to enjoy the vast variety of food trucks and cocktails that the venue has to offer.


Piknic Électronik arrives in Miami in a partnership between Multicolore, Glovox, the Chilean company in charge of Piknic Électronik Santiago since 2015, alongside with The Soundtuary who are doing the best parties in Miami nowadays. Together they will bring this new and super successful concept to one of the most visited cities in North America.


The first events are scheduled on Feb 5, March 12, Apr 30 and May 28 - tickets are now available.

+ info: @Piknicmiami | www.piknicelectronik.us