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"I assert our unalienable right to party!"

LeakyCon, started by the witches and wizards of the-leaky-cauldron.com, is returning to it's roots as a Harry Potter  only fan convention. LeakyCon seeks to pay tribute to the Harry Potter phenomenon by giving fans an exciting new way to experience the fandom, surrounded by rich details, immersive storytelling, friends, and fellow fans.

LeakyCon 2016 will be a Harry Potter fan event unlike anything we have created before. It will incorporate the tentpole features of a fan convention (keynote presentations, in-depth panels, interactive workshops, a bustling vendor hall, amazing live entertainment, and unique special guest experiences) into a fully-immersive storytelling event where fans are surrounded by the people, places, and adventures from the magical world that means so much to all of us.

LeakyCon will be our most intimate event, the smallest we have hosted since our first event in Boston. Our aim is to provide guests with a highly personalized and uniquely magical experience unlike anything they have seen before.