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House of Horror

House of Horror Haunted Carnival, the largest Halloween experience in South Florida returns to Miami International Mall. Explore a giant abandoned department store that has been overtaken and claimed. Endure FOUR unique haunted experiences that will make you regret ever walking through the doors! Sssshhh!!! Walk quietly through “Silent Mall” or you’ll trigger Misshhhell and unleash her wrath. Brave the remains of “Drown Town” but stay away from its inhabitants or you’ll end up a permanent resident. If you still have the nerve, check-in to “Insanitorium” where the patients oversee the delivery of nervous breakdowns. Enter our last haunted experience, “Scare X Studios”, an immersive experience where gaming and imagination take center stage. If you make it through all four unique haunts and still have some stiffness in your spine, take a risk and enjoy unlimited carnival rides, delectable treats, and carnival games at the House of Horror midway. See you there…if you dare!?