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Grind Kings

Etched out of JECARCO ENTERTAINMENT’S bedrock media and entertainment firm, GRIND KINGS is a pulsating, symbiotic world where the best of the best of fresh lifestyle content converges on the WEB, Network and Cable TV, Consumer-driven live presentations, Tours, Concerts, Mentorship Programs, and Mobile media. Additionally GRIND KINGS supports its mission with a collection of promotional merchandise available in its on-line store.

GRIND KINGS is not only a youth-driven brand but also a global movement steeped in the philosophy that an individual’s destiny is not necessarily predetermined by his history. Because a person was born under circumstances that were Third World in nature does not mean that they do not deserve a future that is Frist Class in scope.

The focus of the company is to provide a platform for the youth market to express themselves and to monetize movements in culture that are relevant to today’s, interconnected, lightening-paced, stimuli-saturated global youth market. This interactive social media based paradigm fosters self-expression through the means of Music, Apparel, Art, Entertainment and contemporary lifestyle.

Why GRIND? By definition grind means to crush, to break down into its smallest pieces by rubbing it against a stronger surface.


A King by definition is a highly respect boy or man who inherits his position, success and popularity, and is ultimately awarded the highest honor.

A GRIND KING by definition is an individual who seeks out every opportunity to break down barriers and reduce insurmountable obstacles to their most finite form. It pertains to an individual who has an innate sense to see opportunity where there seemingly isn’t any, apply his/her own personal strengths and from there creates a new direction, a new world that becomes their domain.

What makes GRIND KINGS unique is that we do not believe that success has geographic boundaries. Success is success be it obtained and sustained on the bustling streets of New York or New Delhi, Melbourne or Miami, Lagos or London. Success is universal and by virtue should be shared and experience by like-minded individuals on a global scale.

We stand behind our slogan for every young person, no matter their current situation:


GRIND KINGS puts the power back into the hands of the demographic it serves. Instead of out-of-touch executives driving the content created for this marketplace, GRIND KINGS invites its audience to not only participate in but to also help create content that is relevant to them. They become the axis from which future content is conceptualized, produced and made available to the public.

Music is the common language that drives the culture of the GRIND KINGS movement but it’s not the only language. With up-to-the-minute content available on the WEB and comprehensive, targeted programming, this youth culture is showcased in a way that is both meaningful and dynamic. GRIND KINGS is a reliable source of News and information, the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle, exclusive premiers, business, the arts, entertainment, sports and more. GRIND KINGS showcases

the movers, shakers and tastemakers who are iconic leaders of the now generation.