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1 OAK “one of a kind” has a portfolio of nightlife hospitality properties around the world. Boasting a rotation of world-class DJs and performers we produce the most exclusive events around the world. 1 OAK has become a home to the A-list celebrities and creative influencers alike.  “1 OAK is the place where Justin Timberlake met Pharrell and Pharrell met Jay-Z.” -NY Times. Its the place chosen by Lewis Hamilton to celebrate his race and F1 Circuit victories, where Rhianna hosts her star studded annual Met Gala, and where Beyonce, Sean “Puffy” Combs and Naomi Campbell choose to celebrate their Birthday. 

With locations in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai, Tokyo, and Maldives - 1 OAK now celebrates our newest hospitality experience, the F1OAK Paddock Club. We offer our guests a unique 24/7 approach to hospitality during race weekends. We will entertain and cater to your every need throughout your weekend.  Our F1 Paddock club will offer three day amenities to   and access to our F1 OAK world renowned parties with A list performers nightly.