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Cafe Nine

Cafe Nine is a long standing and beloved music venue in New Haven, Connecticut. A home base to locals and a tour staple to many national touring acts, Cafe Nine is the best place to see the largest variety of live music in New Haven County.

Mitch Kramer / DARTHOZZY99 / Shandy Lawson Marielle Kraft / Imani Graham Fever Dolls / PONS / The Fiction Kids Forager / Public Works Jazz Jam Session with Gary Grippo DJ Shaki's Overnight Flight Super Bowl of Songwriters w/ host Frank Critelli NHVJU Sessions / Nicholas Serrambana Cardiel / The Vültüres New Cardiff Giants/ Dan Soto/ Waste My Breath/KOTG Jazz Jam Session with Tony Di & Friends PetFox / Queen Moo / Cinema Stare / Dagwood Shellye Valauskas Experience / Brian Larney Band That1Guy / Benny Mikula - The Lone Gnome "A Guy Walks Into A Bar........" Comedy Open Mic Shake N' Vibrate Phatt James /Scooped Up /The Inside Out /Shortwave Chervansky, Tappan & Ice Samsara & The Demiurge /Ports of Spain /Dr Martino Grace Pettis / Lara Herscovitch