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Cafe Nine

Cafe Nine is a long standing and beloved music venue in New Haven, Connecticut. A home base to locals and a tour staple to many national touring acts, Cafe Nine is the best place to see the largest variety of live music in New Haven County.

Cheryl Wheeler / Kenny White NHJU Tuesday Night Jazz Laurel Canyon / FAFA / Wow, Okay, Cool Tav Falco's Panther Burns / Richard Lloyd The Fleshtones w/the Nervous Eaters Melanie MacLaren / Ellie Kakacet / Big Sigh HEATSYNC The Sound That Ends Creation/Serling/Angel Grove NHJU Tuesday Night Jazz Girls on Grass / Constant Smiles / The Human Fund Trashing Violet / Vicky F The Courettes / Killer Kin Jazz Jam Session with Michael Coppola Hallelujah the Hills / The Sheila Divine Teddy Horangic Jazz Jam Session with Gary Grippo The Dollyrots / Chaser Eight Scott H. Biram Greg Sherrod / Seth Adam Jazz Jam Session with Tony Di & Friends