BHC Suzie Yeung: Voice of Kaban Madeleine Morris: Voice of Raccoon Hayden Daviau: Voice of Siberian Moose Emi Lo: Voice of Small-Clawed Otter Danielle McRae: Voice of African Wild Dog Amber Lee Connors: Voice of Brown Bear Jonah Scott Merch Store Brittney Karbowski Merch Store (September) Christina Kelly Merch Store (September) Marissa Lenti: Voice of Gray Wolf Krystal LaPorte: Voice of Lion Dani Chambers: Voice of Serval Amanda Gish: Voice of Black Bear Bruce Thomas Dawn M. Bennett: Voice of Emperor Michael Yurchak: Voice of Obito Uchiha and Tobi Maile Flanagan: Voice of Naruto Kyle Hebert: Voice of Kiba Inuzuka! Derek Stephen Prince: The voice of Shino Aburame Brian Donovan: Voice of Rock Lee