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Hidden within the heart of Rockefeller Center beneath the world’s most famous christmas tree, The Winter Forest of the Northern Lights is an immersive experience of sound and light, composed by a dozen world-renowned artists and designers. Guests will experience a dreamscape of forest mythology set under the spectacle of the Northern Lights, play beneath the snow covered birches, warm up with hot chocolate and mulled wine, leading guests to a sense of awe and peace at its end.

The experience takes guests on a poetic journey through seven artistic interpretations of winter, of light, and of the magic of the season. The installations include:

The Winter Wish - A magical introduction video that welcomes guests into our poetic story via a larger-than-life 60 ft wide by 10ft tall LED video installation.

The Northern Forest - Two wishing pools are surrounded by birch trees, an invitation to reflect, and audio inspired by Scandinavian myths of the winter.

The Eastern Forest - Guests are invited to find a comfortable spot to sit and absorb the resonance of handcrafted gongs from Indonesia while gazing upon the inverted tree of light.

The Aurora Borealis - The center installation is a stunning overhead display of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) in a room filled with starlight and snow for guests to play in.

The Western Forest - The final experience invites our guests to get lost in a winter maze filled with snow and fog, with audio offering another moment for reflection and looking forward.

The Enchanted Cocoa Bar - Presented in partnership with Maison du Chocolate, our guests are invited to partake in artisanal hot chocolate and mystical elixirs to warm hearts and minds during this cold season.
Festive refreshments such as hot chocolate and mulled wine are also available for purchase to warm cold bodies and cast a new light on the family and friends around.

Come to HERO and be transported to the ultimate viewing of the northern lights while also experiencing seven unique art installation zones that celebrate the wonder of winter.


Hidden within the heart of Rockefeller Center is HERO - a new venue dedicated to visual and sonic storytelling. Within these walls there lives an immersive experience featuring the work of a dozen artists and designers who combine immersive video, spatial audio, and scenic design, resulting in a dreamscape that feels a world away from the rest of New York City.


HERO welcomes visitors to ascend the ordinary with an immersive ticketed exhibition of sound, light, and future-forward technology during the day, for which tickets can be purchased for different entrance times during for this one-of-a-kind digital art experience.

Partnering with audio brand BOSE, the experience leans into the power of sound to immerse and transport guests across the space’s seven unique zones, each telling its own tale. Each artist installation in the exhibition is inspired by the concept of "the liminal"—a moment between eras—to create a cohesive space for reflection, regeneration, and meditation in the bustling heart of New York, and invites guests to help imagine a future of awe, unity, and optimism that is so needed in this time.


HERO is the thing to do in New York in Winter. With its home in Rockefeller Center, our centrally located interactive digital art space is displaying a range of experiences from some of the best experiential artists in the world. HERO’s The Winter Forest of the Northern Lights will have guests roaming through a dreamscape of forest mythology set under the spectacle of the Northern Lights with other wintery scenes. Guests are sure to leave with a sense of awe and peace at its end.


MATTE Projects, the team behind some of New York’s most renowned creative nightlife and music projects launches a new immersive venture with the help of their partners Collective.


Private events are also possible by contacting us separately for corporate events, tech launches, fashion shows, holiday parties and more. Contact our team today.

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