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Fear Overload

Fear Overload RETURNS at a BRAND NEW LOCATION! Join us at 2086 Newpark Mall, Newark, CA for 2 NEW & ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING Haunted Houses. 

You get only one dim flashlight to survive the very dark haunted attractions.

Blind Asylum:

You find yourself in an unfamiliar ward. “Where am I?” you say. In fact, you can’t seem to remember anything. Have you been recently trapped in this Asylum, or are you a patient who has been here all along? But… what you do know is that you are seeing horrific scenes all around you, and hearing voices too. You need to find a way out! Or maybe you just need to take your pills? Experience this horrifying walk-through; but whatever you do, do not listen to the whispers.

Undead Underpass:

Hellmouth, or the jaws of Hell, is the entrance to hell through the gaping mouth of a hideous monster. The Hellmouth portal to the underworld has appeared, and once you enter, you are on a one-way journey to hell as you descend to the negative thirteenth floor of the building. Humans in agony, chained by their wrists, sizzle away in barrels of acid. Is this what hell is like? You realize that your journey has just begun, and the deeper you walk into the abyss, the more insane it becomes…

Capacity is Limited - We Will Sell Out