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Destination Dance Music

Destination Dance Music was founded by Gina Milano, someone who loves dance music and lives to travel. Gina travels more than anyone we know! She bounces around the globe between nights spent on the dance floor at her home base, the illustrious San Francisco nightclub Halcyon SF. She loves new experiences and somehow always finds the best experiences a destination has to offer. Music oftentimes motivates her travels, regularly attending festivals and following DJs around the world.

She also loves traveling with her tribe, discovering new places with friends and making new friends with kindred spirits on the dance floor. This was the inspiration for Destination Dance Music. A series of highly curated experiences for those who still genuinely crave travel, community and dance music. But who also feel compelled to look to more intimate, secure and conscientious experiences.
We think finite groups in extraordinary locales with exceptionally curated events is just what a dance music enthusiast needs right now. A way for like-minded and spirited individuals to come together and safely enjoy the things we love and long for; travel, dance, community. This is what we hope to provide to you and your tribe, along with a healthy dose of adventure, excitement and sunshine along the way.