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Welcome to Colorworld! Home of THE 1-on-1 Hangouts with your favorite actors in the Anime World and Beyond! Producers of virtual pop culture experiences & licensed, metal art!

Colleen Clinkenbeard Merch Store (February 27th) Emily Neves Merch Store (Feb 27th) Kristen McGuire Anime'd Me (February 27th) Mallorie Rodak Merch Store (February 27th) Grey DeLisle-Griffin Merch Store (Feb 27) Michael Antonakos Merch Store (Feb 27th) Olivia H. Merch Store (Feb 27) Christina Kelly Merch Store (February 27) David Matranga Merch Store (Feb 27th) Brittney Karbowski Merch Store (March 5th) Grey DeLisle-Griffin: Voice of Lor Mcquarrie Jason Marsden: Voice of Tino Tonitini Phil Lamarr: Voice of Carver Descartes Madeleine Morris: Voice of Hibiki Sakura Stephen Fu: Voice of Naruzo Machio Marissa Lenti (March Merch Store) Greg Baldwin Merch Store (March 27th) Cherami Leigh Voice of: Sarada Uchiha Spike Spencer Voice of: Inojin Yamanaka Amanda C Miller: Voice of Boruto