Top 10 Most Followed Artists on Twitter

Social media has redefined many aspects of popular culture changing the way we measure success. Several years ago, an artist’s popularity reflected mostly in album sales. Fast forward to 2014 where we look to see how many Twitter followers an artist has to determine their fame. In fact, seven of the top ten most-followed accounts on Twitter are recording artists, musicians, and singers. This social platform has made engagement between the artist and their fans more interactive than ever.

Just a few days ago, Taylor Swift surpassed Lady Gaga in Twitter followers and their fandoms went cray cray. Of course, we learned about this through none other than, wait for it … Twitter. Although the Little Monsters were upset, the Swifties were throwing virtual parties. This got us thinking. What other artists have the largest followings on this mega social media network? If you were wondering the same thing, then check our guide to the Top 10 Most Followed Artists on Twitter below!


10.) P!nk – @Pink

most followed artists on twitterBelieve it or not, but our girl P!nk doesn’t spend all of her time swinging gracefully from ceilings. When she isn’t up in the air, she’s tending to her 24,002,000 Twitter followers. She’s known for posting inspirational quotes and fun family photos that always seem to make our day a little bit better. Let’s raise our glass to P!nk, the tenth most followed artist on Twitter.


9.) Shakira – @shakira

most followed artists on twitterNext up is everyone’s favorite Columbian crossover artist: “Shakira, Shakira.” Her hips don’t lie and neither do her Twitter followers. In today’s day and age, how could you not trust someone with 25,769,085 friends? She stays true to her roots and posts the majority of her tweets in different languages to make sure she can connect with ALL of her fans. So follow her. Seguirla, we said.


8.) Jennifer Lopez  – @JLo

most followed artists on twitterShe wasn’t kidding when she said “I used to have a little, now I have a lot.” Between platinum records and 28,091,626 followers on Twitter, Jenny from the block has definitely come a long way. She just celebrated the 15-year anniversary of her first album release with, get this … another album release! She’s on fire! But, honestly, would we expect anything less? She’s J.Lo.


7.) Justin Timberlake – @jtimberlake

most followed artists on twitterThe first male on our list is *N SYNC boy-bander turned platinum solo-artist, Justin Timberlake! Justin has done an amazing job at growing both musically and socially as his current Twitter following is up to 32,888,556. Now, that’s a lot of Tennessee Kids! It’s seems like his ‘20/20 Experience Tour’ is never-ending and we expect the same from his presence on social media. In today’s music world, that’s “not a bad thing.”


6.) Rihanna – @rihanna

most followed artists on twitterNavy, stand up! Winner of the 2014 iHeartRadio Award for ‘Best Fan Army’, Rihanna comes in as the #6 most-followed artist on Twitter! Rihanna has come a long way since her ‘Pon De Replay’ days, and we can’t get enough. Whether it be for her music or fashion sense, she constantly provokes the media, other artists, and the world. We love it and so do 36,063,674 other people.


5.) Britney Spears – @britneyspears

most followed artists on twitterIt’s Britney, twits. The new Queen of Vegas comes in at #5 on our list. Her Sin City residency is constantly growing and so are her followers! Up to 37,859,784, Ms. Spears is definitely “back.” Whether she’s posting sweet tweets to her fans or cute photos of her sons, we’ll always be there for her. We love you, Britney.


4.) Lady Gaga – @ladygaga

most followed artists on twitterLady Gaga has been known to shock the world. There aren’t many music lists that do not include ‘Mother Monster’ so it was actually no shock to us when we learned she was the fourth most followed artist on Twitter. She’s up to 41,571,156 ‘Little Monsters’ which also doesn’t shock us. Gaga is one of the most talented and revolutionary artists to influence our generation and we have so much love for her. Let’s give Gaga some applause. She lives for it.


3.) Taylor Swift – @taylorswift13

most followed artists on twitterWhen she’s not dancing at awards shows, selling millions of albums, or breaking touring records, Taylor is tending to her ‘Swifties’ on social media. Whether she’s posting a picture of her adorable cat Meredith or re-tweeting famous friends, Taylor Swift’s tweets ALWAYS go viral. Expect her 41,626,425 followers to get even crazier towards the end of the year as she is set to release her highly anticipated new album! Could we see a new #1 next time around?


2.) Justin Bieber – @justinbieber

most followed artists on twitterSurpassing the competition by almost 9 million followers comes an artist who was discovered on social media – Justin Bieber! Despite some negative attention from the media recently, his 52,611,036 ‘Beliebers’ have stood by him. He is one of the most powerful forces on the internet and the numbers support that. He joined Twitter in March 2009 and we don’t expect him to go anywhere anytime soon. #Beliebers4Lyfe


1.) Katy Perry – @katyperry

most followed artists on twitterIt’s hard to believe that Katy Perry was dropped from her first record label in 2006. Fast forward to 2014 where she is the Queen of Twitter (and music) with 54,110,373 Katy Kats! Yes. 54,110,373! Perry also currently has 72 million digital singles to her name and is 20 million ahead of any other artist. Her music catalog also contains 18 Gold, 16 Platinum and 56 multi-platinum digital single awards! Oh yea, and her ‘Prismatic World Tour’ is also completely sold out. What will this little California Gurl do next?

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