New Tour — ODESZA In Return Continues in 2015

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ODESZA In Return Tour is back for another 18 cities in 2015! On the heels of Phase I of their sold-out In Return 2014 Tour that ended just over a week ago in Portland, breakout electronic duo ODESZA are wasting no time before getting fans pumped for Phase II—launching in Spokane, WA on February 12th, 2015. In the meantime, Seattle natives Harrison Knight and Clayton Mills will be taking a short break from the US as they take their music abroad to Europe and Australia.

In Return Album

At a time when most new artists opt for the occasional EP release, ODESZA decided to go for the full-length LP, gifting our ears with 13 tracks of head-bobbing, multi-genre, ethereal tunes capable of being played and replayed at any time of day. Clearly, we weren’t the only ones who thought so as ODESZA’s In Return album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums List in early September, and continues to occupy a comfortable spot in the Top 20 (currently No. 16) week after week.

Unlike our gal T-Swizzle (and thankfully so), ODESZA’s full-length album can be streamed on Spotify and/or SoundCloud. Remember though: you can listen to them all you want through your earbuds, but the experience won’t be same unless you’re immersed in synth, singing along to the lyrics of “Say My Name” (even if you don’t quite know what you’re singing), at an intimate venue next to other enjoying fans. In other words, presale tickets. Now. Get ’em. Tour dates and locations are below!

ODESZA In Return Tour 2015

Phase II Cities & Dates

Spokane  |  Feb 12  →  Presale Tickets
Missoula  |  Feb 13  →  Presale Tickets
Boise  |  Feb 14  →  Presale Tickets
Jackson  |  Feb 16  →  Presale Tickets
Avon  |  Feb 19  →  Presale Tickets
Aspen  |  Feb 20  →  Presale Tickets
Boulder  |  Feb 21  →  Presale Tickets
Iowa City  |  Feb 25  →  Presale Tickets
Columbia  |  Feb 26  →  Presale Tickets
Urbana  |  Feb 27  →  Presale Tickets
Bloomington  |  Feb 28  →  Presale Tickets
Millvale  |  Mar 3  →  Presale Tickets
Niagra Falls  |  Mar 4  →  Presale Tickets
South Burlington  |  Mar 5  →  Presale Tickets
Portland (ME)  |  Mar 7  →  Presale Tickets
Knoxville  |  Mar 11  →  Presale Tickets
Asheville  |  Mar 12  →  Presale Tickets
Nashville  |  Mar 13  →  Presale Tickets

Grab those tickets, and tweet at ODESZA to let them know you’ll be there! 

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