5 Awesome New Music Blogs You Haven’t Heard Of

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Finding new music can be a journey. There are few feelings as rewarding as spending hours wading through Soundcloud playlists and finally discovering that unique sound none of your friends have heard yet. But we don’t always have the time or wherewithal to go cyber-trekking every time we want new music, which is one reason we love new music blogs so much (although sometimes it seems like there are just as many new blogs to sift through as new tracks). We’ve plunged into the depths of the blogosphere to find some awesome new music blogs with independent spirit you won’t find on the “20 most influential music blog” lists.

1. Indieshuffle

Looking for a blog with a clean layout with a reliable collection of contributors with great taste? Indieshuffle reviews and posts about 10 songs every day. No celebrity gossip, no mainstream, just new music and thoughtful blurbs. Indieshuffle also takes the time to frequently release curated collections sorted by genre, mood, region, anything. Sitting down for their weekly Sunday Night Chill collection is downright spiritual.

2. Et Musique Pour Tous

Going to Et Musique Pour Tous is like peeking into the black leatherbound journal of that artsy thoughtful-but-silent dude (or girl-dude) in art school who liked the sound of rain splattering against windowpanes. This blog eschews quantity, only posting when there’s something worthwhile to say. They’ll present a new track and take time to explain what it means to them or reminds them of. It’s less like record shopping and more like chilling in a parked car with a close friend talking about life.

3. Pigeons and Planes

Pigeons and Planes is one of those blogs that pretty much covers everything: funny editorials, up-to-date music news, great playlists, and an eclectic range of tastes. It’s hard to do everything, but Pigeons and Planes seems to do it pretty well. Plus, you’ll find random stuff like this:

4. Sounds Good to Me Too

Sounds Good To Me Too (SGTMT) was the name of an independent record store that the creators of this blog grew up in (not literally, or maybe literally, we don’t actually know). The point is that reading SGTMT is really just like stepping into a record store with these guys. You get new music and honest opinions about them—no bs. They’ve also got a collection of thoughtful and pretty funny opinion articles that are worth reading.

5. Let Your Ears Decide

In addition to having a super relevant title, LYED is a pretty solid personal music blog. One of the quirkier sections is YouTube Narnia (come on, we’ve all been there) and we love that somebody actually took the time to make that its own tab. Mondays are usually pretty bad, but listening to LYED’s #freshvibesmonday playlists make them a little more bearable.

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