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Gramatik’s Leave Your Mark Tour is underway and not stopping any time soon. It’s been just over 8 months since the electronic virtuoso released his latest full length album, The Age of Reason (click here to listen via Soundcloud). Far from complacent after a few months of basking in the esteem of his 15-track LP release, Gramatik is raising the bar with the ambitious, cross-continental “Leave Your Mark” tour boasting 39 remaining shows.

The Age of Reason was an honest and unabashed expression of Gramatik’s distinctive style. Laden with heavy guitar riffs, pumping drums and glitchy synth goodness, the 15 tracks on the album are heavy-hitting and smooth at once. His love of rock and hip hop shine through a signature electronic/dubstep interpretation, offering a little something for everyone. The title track, Brave Men (featuring Eskobars), has garnished over half a million plays on Soundcloud, while the music video for the track boasts official selections from the LA Shorts Fest and Portland Film Festival (watch below).


Leave Your Mark Gramatik Tour 2014

The new Gramatik tour spans the entire US before going international, hitting an eclectic selection of cities from (and not limited to) Sacramento to Austin to Los Angeles To Flagstaff to Pomona to Baton Rouge to Milwaukee. After an extensive domestic tour, Gramatik takes on Europe by way of Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK, before returning to North America in Vancouver.

With a massive recent album release, an award-winning music video and an ambitious transcontinental tour, there are more than a few ways to get your fill of Gramatik’s heavy grooves this fall. Get your pre-sale tickets to one of his tour dates in a location near you, and get closer to the music you love.

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