I Got Married at EDC 2015

I Got Married at EDC 2015

…is what you can tell your friends and loved ones.

Are you all about that #PLUR life? Were the raves you first went to below ground level (underground, get it, lol)? Did you exchange kandi before exchanging numbers with a stranger, which led to a happily ever after?

EDC 2015 is offering incredible experiences for the weekend that you won’t want to miss out on, like the EDC Wedding. If you haven’t watched Under the Electric Sky on Netflix, it’s a documentary on ravers from all over who come to EDC and share their journeys, experiences, and what raving means to them. Long story medium, there’s a couple who met at a rave years ago and have been together ever since. They’re in their mid-30s and have two kids, but aren’t married. They decided to get married that year at EDC, and brought their own person to ordain the ceremony. Both of them sported b*tchin’ outfits, and it was so rave-mantic.


Insomniac is giving you the chance to experience your happily ever after, offering legal unions (including same-sex marriage, which is now legal in Nevada, holla), as well as commitment ceremonies and vow renewals by a themed minister of your choice. Check out the packages that we have and don’t miss your opportunity to have an Electric Daisy Ceremony at EDC 2015!

For the reception/going into your honeymoon, why not spend some time looking over the kineticFIELD with a three course meal? From a 3-course seated dinner to the 3-day VIP cafe meal, you can enjoy some excellent dining with your friends or your new wife/husband with the VIP Cafe Terrace package!


For a more fancy meal, the 3-Course Seated Dinner offers a private VIP table with excellent views of the kineticFIELD, presented by Executive Chef Keven Lee. Tone down the fancy and go for the casual and quick service gourmet dining experience with the 3-Day VIP Cafe Meal, with a first come/first serve seating arrangement, and a delicious menu. Seriously. There’s a drink called ‘PLUR’ with pineapple, lemonade, ume (plum), and raspberry with protein powder. Come on guys. Don’t miss your chance to have an Electric Daisy Cuisine.

Be sure to check out our packages and rave in style this weekend at EDC 2015!



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