Caribou — Our Love Is The Best Album You’ve Been Pretending To Listen To

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Caribou- Our Love, or, “The Album That Seduced Me Against My Will.”


“Caribou- Our Love, wow. Have you heard it?”
“The new Caribou album? Not yet. How is it?”
“It’s awesome. I mean, the first song is really cool.”

“I heard the new Caribou album is pretty good.”
“Yeah Caribou’s number 1 on Pitchfork right now. I knew he was good.”
“It’s dope. I mean a couple songs are cool. I haven’t really listened to all of it yet.”

Everywhere you look, there is suddenly no shortage of Caribou fans. The funny thing about Caribou’s new album, Our Love, is you don’t even need to have heard it to be a fan.

After a full listen through earlier this week, I was ready to write about the most overrated album of 2014. I was going to write about how people should make sure they truly dig a song before they talk about how artistic it is for the sake of being heard using the word artistic. I reconsidered, and I decided to take the high road. I decided never to mention the album. I wouldn’t give anyone the satisfaction of joining in on the hype.

Then I listened to the album again. And I listened to a few songs again. And again. I have actually been listening to those same few songs multiple times every day of the last week.

I was embarrassed at first. I like the album. The melancholic, subdued hooks that initially came off as dark and pretentious lost their bite after a mere two listens. The nostalgia in melodies that so repelled me at first glance became charming and candid in a new setting. The aggressively repetitive synth lines and stylistic tempo glitches became endearing. Or maybe I learned to overlook them. There are tracks on this album that are still boring, repetitive, lifeless. But the under performers don’t sour my taste for the creative and stylistic achievement of the tracks that really shine.

The sound I’ll remember from this album is the narrative of a timid melody gaining steam. A subdued, repetitive, deeply catchy and disquieting hook slowly maturing and emboldening to self realization. Candid, intimate, nostalgic, creative, and unabashed, Caribou’s glitchy melodies and tender vocals will often win you over. If you give them time. Below are a couple favorites from the album that no one seems to be talking about.


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