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alessoAlesso is a DJ who can flawlessly communicate to audiences through his sets. A true EDM experience is one in which a DJ can successfully direct and navigate listeners’ emotions and I honestly can’t think of anyone who does this better than Alesso. I first experienced Alesso’s mastery of music at Daylight Beach Club in Las Vegas for EDC 2013. Let me tell you – the set was nothing short of magical.

Alesso began his set at the pool party by enticing the listener with songs embedded with a slow and impactful melody accompanied with indulgent vocals. Alesso’s remix of One Republic’s ‘If I Lose Myself’ was one such song that had audiences eased into a musical experience that promised more riveting moments of thrill.


As Alesso continued his set, he progressed into songs that have the audience bobbing their heads and swaying to a heavy bass beat. Songs like ‘Tear The Roof Up’ got the crowd jazzed, water splashing everywhere as the bass dropped. It was everything needed for an energized Vegas pool party in the middle of summer.

Alesso closed his set with a mainstream song to make the audience feel the vibe of their fellow party goers, everyone singing in unison and dancing to a familiar beat. I’ll never forget when Alesso played his and Calvin Harris’ “Under Control (ft. Hurts)” – the song was the ultimate vehicle for audiences to share an experience with each other as we all danced and sang along to the lyrics.


I feel like Alesso’s sets take the listener through waves of emotions and pleasure, fulfilling the duty of any DJ seeking to make an impact with their music. Alesso’s music is so versatile that a listener can count on it to fuel a rager or ease a stressed mind. Versatility is imperative to a DJ’s success because it is in fact the flexibility in the music that takes the audience through different channels of emotions. Alesso’s music is perfect for a Vegas nightclub or pool party setting because it keeps you pumped and yearning for more 100% of the way. He mixes his songs in ways that can’t be predicted and I think that’s something pretty powerful these days.

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