Steven ZHU: The Man Behind The Mystery

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Steven Zhu is the name of the man better known as ZHU, and better yet known as the anonymous producer behind the viral hit, “Moves Like Ms Jackson.” Although ZHU is now taking the media by storm and quickly being catapulted into the center of electronic music enthusiasts’ attention, the San Francisco native was, until recently uncovered, an unmasked producer shrouded in mystery.

ZHU is not technically a new player in the game. Steven has been producing tracks for a number of years now. However, it wasn’t until “Moves Like Ms Jackson” hit the web under an unknown moniker and spontaneously enticed listeners all over the world – everyone wondering, “Who the heck made this song?” – that ZHU established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the scene. In the beginning, many bloggers, including myself, believed it was actually Disclosure who put out this delightfully fresh mash-up remix. The song used a lot of the same elements Disclosure would use (minor key notes and deep house vibe), however, we all soon discovered the cryptic creator behind the track was none other than Steven ZHU. Was this some artistic plea for originality? A cry against mainstream producers absorbing all of the spotlight in the genre? Whatever you want to call it, ultimately, it was a genius PR stunt that turned Steven Zhu into, for all intents and purposes, an “overnight” success – a stunt, unsurprisingly, orchestrated by Th3rd Brain Management’s Jake Udell, manager of the mega-DJ-trio, Krewella.

Moves Like Ms Jackson – ZHU

After the initial attention, ZHU kept up the promise of his genius and rolled out new tracks that continued to garner an incredible amount of buzz, reaching the top of Hype Machine and getting posted on blogs all over the web. With a fledgling debut of a 4-song EP back in 2010, ZHU has since upped his game. Following his one-hit-wonders, ZHU released a new EP, NIGHTDAY, on April 20th, and it did not disappoint. Already a top debut in Australia on iTunes, the EP features fast-favorite new hits like Faded and Paradise Awaits. His style includes traits from a number of genres including deep house, tech house, hip-hop and even a splash of alternative. Personally, I think all of his music is enticing and drool-worthy. Press play, then repeat. (Already happening at Tixr HQ!)

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