16 Spring And Summer Music Festivals That Are On The Comeup

16 Spring And Summer Music Festivals That Are On The Comeup

Winter’s (sadly) almost over, but that only means that spring and summer music festivals are on their way. Forget about dressing for the cold weather and sacrificing your cute and minimal clothing outfit for warmth – it’s time to whip out those shorts (high waisted or nah)! From Beyond Wonderland to Coachella, the annual festivals are on their way.

Aside from the large festivals we all know and love/are just so over because they’re just too mainstream and we are just sooo not about that life, 2015 has a bunch of smaller concerts and festivals in store for us. These upcoming music festivals are up and coming themselves, so make sure to check them all out regardless of their size!

Beyond Wonderland

Returning from the Bay Area, Beyond is back in SoCal, and if you’re into anything Insomniac and massive, Beyond will be perfect for you this March. They’ve started selling one day passes, which is perfect for you Monday-Friday workaholics who just want to go on Saturday, or for us broke bitches who can barely afford one day. With talent like Plastic Plates and Knife Party, get your utensils ready for a deliciously dope weekend Beyond your wildest dreams.


CRSSD Fest, a Goldenvoice event, takes place on March 14th and 15th in San Diego, and the line up is STACKED. From ODESZA to Goldroom to SNBRN to Thomas Jack to Giraffage, the line up definitely has a lot of amazing talent that you wish you would find at Coachella. Of course, we have a big boys in the scene like Chromeo, but if you know your vibes and what you like, CRSSD Fest might be more valuable to you than investing in a ‘Chella ticket. You can also become a CRSSD ambassador and earn FREE TICKETS (more information on the official website)!


LED x SJSU is back this April, and tickets are going fast! Last I heard from a friend this event flew under the radar for most, but was incredible. The lineup includes Borgore, Jack Beats, Ookay, The M Machine, Valentino Khan, and a VERY special guest – ZEDS DEAD. For those of us who missed ZEDS DEAD at LED Anniversary in San Diego and who might not be able to see them at Dead Rocks, THIS IS OUR CHANCE.

Audio on the Bay

Audio on the Bay is coming back on Memorial Day weekend! Tickets go on sale Feb. 23rd, and it’s another one room, one love type of event. Memorial Day weekend is going to be a great time in the Bay, Audiohhhh my YASS.

LED Day Club

Sorry for all of the LED spam, but they are clearly doing the most this spring.

Do your friends have ‘Chella tickets but you didn’t get yours in time/don’t want to spend that much money? While your friends are at the Indio Fair Grounds, head over to (less dusty and sweaty) Hilton in Palm Springs for fantastic dj sets at the LED Day Club. I can say that I’m ok with 100% of this lineup — granted, I’m not sure who the special guest is, but as long as it isn’t someone random I think I’ll be cool with it. Hell, even if it is someone random, like TSwift, I’D STILL BE OK WITH IT.

Trust me, coming from a girl who grew up and went to high school in Palm Springs, if you’ve been to Coachella already and I’m not about that life anymore. These pool parties are an excellent substitution. The locals are friendly, I swear.

Lightning in a Bottle

Oh dear Lord. I just had punch myself in the face because I could not believe that this Lightning in a Bottle lineup was real. Are you serious? If you guys missed out on Flume at Snowglobe on NYE, he rang in the new year by playing “You & Me”, and the video is UNREAL. SO MUCH FOMO. This lineup is absolutely ridiculous and I am high-key willing to put my lightning in a bottle rather than frolicking through Coachella. Life decisions are hard. Sigh.

Oh and Lightning in a Bottle has yoga. YOGA.

EDC 2015

Yes, you heard correctly: EDC Las Vegas is sold out! But don’t let that stop you from electrically getting your daisy carnival on. Kicking off EDC in Puerto Rico (2.21 – 2.22), we have EDC Mexico (2.28 – 3.1), EDC New York (5.23 – 5.24), EDC Las Vegas (6.19 – 6.21), and EDC UK (7.11). If you’ve been there, Vegas’d that, maybe it’s time to get that passport ready and trek out to another EDC!

Bassrush Massive

For all of you drum & bass and dubstep fans, Bassrush might be the thing for you. Having worked with Insomniac, Bassrush knows how to put on a show, and will be at the Hollywood Palladium this May. Tier one tickets are already sold out, so hurry and get your ticket today! The lineup looks like it’s going to be a wobwobwob-tastic time.

FSOE 400

I’ve never heard of it, but this FSOE (Future Sound of Egypt) flyer showed up in one of the EDM groups I’m in, so I decided to take a look. If you’re into Aly and Fila, you won’t want to miss out on FSOE 400, which is a huge event that has been around in countries such as Taiwan and Australia. It’s hitting the Bay this August, so stay tuned for more information!

Splash House

Now I’m not sure if this is happening again in 2015, but if so, I hope to see all of you there. Splash House 2014 was an excellent time, and if you didn’t go/heard about it too late, I’m letting you know that you missed out. Truly.

Also, I might be biased cause I may or may not be on Chromeo’s Instagram from Splash House.

Bestival 2015

I don’t know how many ballers that are reading this are willing to hop on a plane to England, but if that’s the case, head over to Bestival for reasons such as the lineup.

Outside Lands 2015

Not much information has been released on Outside Lands in San Francisco yet, but we can only hope that it’ll be an excellent time! The lineup is always great, the weather is always mild, and the lands are always outside.


You guys thought I was going to leave out Coachella huh? How could I? I live here, and I can’t wait to see all of your culturally inappropriate outfits this April (just kidding, but seriously, please do not wear a Native American headdress or a bindi, no matter how well it matches your outfit). Make sure to check out my analysis of the Coachella lineup!

Lido @ The Echo

Lido will be at The Echo on March 10th, just letting you guys know. In case you’re looking for something that won’t break your bank and doesn’t require dressing up and taking hipster photos for Instagram.

ODESZA @ The Glass House

Also, ODESZA will be in Pomona in April before they hit the big stage at Coachella. By the way, have we all heard the playlist of all of the mixes of “All We Need”? No?

You are welcome.

Sweater Beats’s Sweater Weather Tour

Sweater Beats is hitting every city on his Sweater Weather Tour, and will be in LA on March 7th at The Roxy. Tickets are insanely cheap. Hurry because sweater weather is almost over and you don’t want to be left in the cold.

Ok I’m done. I’m going to BRB because I need to acquire a high paying job/husband to pay for all of these tickets. Whichever comes first.

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