Google Takes the Dive into Music Streaming with Songza

Ever since Pandora crashed the radio party with their Songza logosuccessful introduction of personally-tailored Internet stations, advertisers and competitors have undergone a revolution. The online advertising industry has harnessed the popularity of customized radio stations, capitalizing on the target audiences available via the many different genres of music.  From the Pandora age has come the birth of streaming stations by Spotify, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, iTunes Radio, and the lesser known Songza.

While Songza wasn’t seen as a threat in the past, Google’s recent acquisition of the music streaming app is making the competitors sweat. The difference between the radio giant Pandora and Songza, for instance, is a human touch. While Pandora and its sibling stations use computer-generated song results to build your playlists, Songza utilizes the knowledge and reccomendations of music experts. Google is aiming for Pandora’s achilles heel by bringing Songza’s strength and defining factor into a better-lit spotlight. Songza’s users can play the soundtrack to their lives built on the basis of their moods, instead of by a computer’s artist algorithm.

Songza playlist

Google is tapping into different platforms, integrating them into something big for the music industry. Their aims were previously scattered, with Google Play taking a backseat to iTunes, but ends are now starting to tie. Songza will be developed further (with minimal changes), and integrated with Google Play and Youtube, combining the three pieces into what Google foresees as a music industry-toppling triple threat.

Google Music

Another area where Songza shows great capability is in its direction toward more targeted ads, based on the mood and type of the listener. Google is obviously a veteran player in the targeted ad game (what a coincidence, I was just searching for those shoes!), so this Songza quality falls directly in line with their goal to create the best and most harmonious music-recommending system for its users.


Playlists can be cultivated based on factors computers can’t touch, like the season, weather, time of day, or specific activity. DJ’s, writers, and professional musicians are behind the Songza specialization. The streaming app was the prey of a few major names in the industry, but Google ultimately beat out the rest in a bidding war, taking Songza under its wing for an undisclosed amount (over $15 million). We’re not sure when the entirety of Google’s music project will be unveiled, but we know it is to be highly anticipated. With the help of Google, Songza’s name will be hearing echoes.

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