4 of the Best Parody Remakes of the Sia “Chandelier” Video

4 of the Best Parody Remakes of the Sia “Chandelier” Video

This year, Sia released the music video for “Chandelier” featuring a little girl in a tan leotard dancing around an abandoned apartment. The video itself went viral and now a new trend is emerging. People all over the U.S. are reenacting the video as a punishment or just for amusement. So here is a list of the good, the bad, and the downright uncomfortable versions of the remakes of the Sia “Chandelier” video.

The Original

For reference, this is what the original looks like.

1. The Jimmy Kimmel Edition

In honor of his musical guest, Sia, Jimmy Kimmel decided that he would recruit the young girl in the video to teach him the moves in the “Chandelier” video. The result is a mix of uncoordinated dance moves and humor, which makes it worth a watch.

2. The Lost Fantasy Football Bet

This poor soul placed last in his fantasy football league. His punishment: a shot-for-shot remake of the Sia “Chandelier” video. Remind me never to join a fantasy football league…

3. Jim Carrey and Kate Mckinnon on SNL

There’s something about Jim Carrey in a skin-colored leotard that makes me wildly uncomfortable, but seriously amused at the same time. Jim Carrey and Kate Mckinnon teamed up on the Halloween episode of SNL for a “Chandelier” dance off and the result is pretty dang funny.

4. The Notre Dame Student on Campus

For some odd reason, this Notre Dame agreed to take his shirt off in the middle of winter, put on a red tutu, and recreate the Sia “Chandelier” video in different sections of campus. The students around seem to vary between amused and horrified, but I think he’s got some moves. Bonus points if you notice his failed attempt to mount an unsuspecting bystander…

There it is in all of its glory. It’s a list to top all lists. I hope you feel equal parts impressed, amused, and uncomfortable. These people dedicated a boat load of time, I assume, to learning these moves and that warrants a little bit of gratitude. So thank you. Thank you for putting your pride and masculinity on the line just for a laugh. We are forever in your debt.

Know of any other funny remakes? Take to the comments and let us know!

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