Recapping the Inaugural Low End Theory Festival

Recap: LET Fest

Last weekend the world famous Residents of Low End Theory in Los Angeles hosted the first ever Low End Theory Festival. The lineup for the inaugural launch boasted stages in two attached venues with stupefying glitch-hop infused artists like the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, The Internet, Nosaj Thing, Daedelus, JonWayne, Mono/Poly, Kraddy, Thavius Beck, Great Dane, D-Styles, Baths, The Breathing Effect, Knxwledge, Nocando, Daddy Kev, Nobody and The Gaslamp Killer.

Low end theory festival lineup

How incredible was Low End Theory Fest?

The event sported food trucks, three bars and even a couple celebrity appearances in the crowd by Shia LaBeouf and Steven Ellison (aka Flying Lotus). Low End Fest also offered complimentary workshops on killer audio crunching software. On Saturday, Kraddy taught one on Ableton and Daedelus lead a class on Pro Tools (version 11). On Sunday, Daddy Kev held a workshop on DIY Mastering and there was even a discussion on 3D animation with Strangeloop. Needless to say, good times were had by all.

What if I didn’t make it to the Low End Theory Festival?

If you missed this event don’t beat yourself up much (though some depression would understandable). I can’t absolve you of all the guilt but I can point you to a couple recap videos to offer a window into what you missed.

This one covers the first day:

And this one recaps the second day:

The Low End Theory Fest Experience

In typical Low End Theory fashion, artists didn’t stay tucked away back stage or avoid the crowds. They enjoyed the music with us and talked with anyone who wanted to chat throughout the course of the festival. This is what I personally adore about Low End Theory and the scene here in Los Angeles. The artists stay connected with the fans that love them and that in turn makes them so much easier to love.

The Low End Theory Festival sold out both venues making it a shoe in for a repeat performance next year. At the close of the last set, Daddy Kev took a moment to remind a roaring crowd that while the Low End Theory Festival was ending, the best part is that “you don’t have to wait till next year” to see these artists. Every Wednesday evening at the Airliner many of them can be seen again and again at Low End Theory. In fact, Low End will soon be celebrating the eighth straight year of weekly shows.

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