Teamsnapchat for the Win: Try Out ‘Our Story’ at EDC Vegas

Every time that little dancing ghost delivers you a message fromOur Story Snapchat teamsnapchat, you know it’s on with the latest update. Upon receiving that notification, my fingers raced to find out what the team could possibly have come up with next. No complaints about what I discovered: the ‘Our Story’ feature, to be broken in by attendees of EDC Vegas this weekend. The function is similar to the Snapchat ‘My Story,’ but they’ve turned the focus on me into a focus on we.

How-To ‘Our Story’

To access this new communal pic story, all you have to do is add EDCLive, and the ‘Our EDC Story’ feature will become available for you to a) add pictures and videos to if you share the same location as your fellow EDC goers, or b) view the story from a different location–if it won’t make you want to cry terribly hard, since you aren’t actually there. Like a ‘My Story,’ each picture or video chapter in the ‘Our Story’ will self destruct after it has lived its short, but satisfying life of 24 hours. You’ll have to turn your location services on in order for Snapchat to verify your attendance at the event venue, but the whole thing seems pretty simple to navigate.

Snapchat Our Story

Monetizing Snapchat

While EDC will devirginize the ‘Our Story’ addition, it will likely be only the first of many events to be included in this new Snapchat era. With a user base of 4.6 million, Snapchat is sure worth a lot, because of its popularity. But in terms of revenue, Snapchat has been called into question. This trial at EDC could lead to a new and highly profitable time for Snapchat to team up with companies, venues, and event sponsors, and start seeing some serious cash flow out of the app that was called ‘pointless’ when it first came into existence.

EDC Vegas

Since Snapchat is already providing free wifi for all of the lucky EDC adventurers this weekend, it seems appropriate that this is the time for them to unveil their latest trick. For those skeptical of privacy infringement and spamming, Snapchat has assured its users that they will not be storing anyone’s information. Obviously there will be a few issues to work out, like the filtering out of inappropriate content or an overflow of uploads, but the waters seem to be inviting for ‘Our Story,’ and EDC Vegas should be a splendidly entertaining first go for users and fans alike. If you’re just now drowning in a sea of regret since you missed the Electric Daisy Carnival boat, you can still get tickets to join the various EDM performers at Daylight Beach Club and LIGHT Nightclub EDC weekend.

Snapchat Wifi

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