ODESZA: The Overnight Rise to the Top

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It can happen overnight. Two kids from Seattle with a burning passion for music production become headliners on a cross country tour and play a massive festival alongside names like Mumford & Sons and Arcade Fire. Then again, in today’s music era, overnight stars pop up pretty frequently. Really, all you need is a MacBook, a few plugins, and a musical mind. The first two are relatively easy to get; the last, not so much. Fortunately, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, better known as ODESZA, had all three …and then some.

ODESZA_byBronsonSelling2Clayton and Harrison started off as solo musicians, both working on their individual projects up until a little less than two years ago. Clayton’s project, BeachesBeaches, and Harrison project, Catacombkid, are definitely good in their own respective ways. Seems obvious to say, but if you listen to BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid, each honestly sounds just about like one-half of the sounds we recognize today from ODESZA. But it wasn’t BeachesBeaches or Catacombkid that put these guys on the radar of the biggest music blogs and thousands of music fanatics – the duo was clearly a sensation together.

Summer’s Gone, the duo’s debut EP gained traction fairly quickly. Two tracks off the EP jumped to #1 on Hype Machine within months of their release, cementing the duo as a major staple in the electronic music scene.

Their sound can be described as …dreamlike wavy synths and fuzzy bass sounds coupled with hip hop influenced beats. A very warm sound makes them easy to listen to at any moment in time. Interestingly enough, their main influences are artists and bands that most of their fans probably haven’t even heard of: Blockhead, Fina, and James Brown to name a few. (Then again, you probably need to GET UP, GET ON UP from under that rock if you haven’t heard of James Brown!)

ODESZA’s newest track Sun Models (below) also reached the top of Hype Machine. It’s already a fan favorite off their new batch of fresh tunes.

As the duo pumps out more of their dreamy electro-hip-pop, they’ll be roaring across the country and plugging more ears in to their SoundCloud – already at an impressive high of 4.7 million streams. And, so, to think this all happened within a span of less than two years. Talk about inspiring. It’s amazing to think that two ordinary kids could decide to write music together and next thing you know, they are selling out venues across the country.

But then again, maybe that’s just it… maybe they’re not so ordinary after all.

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