5 Music Festival Tips: How to Cope with the Rain

Don’t know how to cope with the rain? We’ve got some music festival tips to make sure that the weather doesn’t bring you down.

Everyone has seen the words ‘Rain or Shine’ printed on their concert ticket. You often wonder, “Is the event REALLY rain or shine?” Will Rihanna REALLY go on if the skies open up and Hurricane Rain-anna comes to town? The answer is sometimes yes–and sometimes no. As much as you can hope and pray that the weather will be beautiful for all two or three days at a music festival, Mother Nature still calls the shots. And let’s just say that sometimes she isn’t very nice.


In fact, she must have been having a bad week this time last year because she let out all her frustration on the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in New York City. Torrential downpours and harsh winds caused headliners to cancel their first day sets and left festival curators scurrying to get attendees off of Randall’s Island, which had turned into mud city in just a few hours. Although weather reports gave fair warning, festival attendees were so focused on the music that they were completely blind sighted when Mother Nature revealed her alternative plans.

Gov Ball Mud

Older and wiser, and with Governor’s Ball making its returns to Randall’s Island this Friday, we wanted to give you some music festival tips on how to stay cool, calm, and collected just in case things aren’t perfect (even though we really hope they are).

Music Festival Tip #1 – Layers

MusicLayersWhile we encourage everyone to freely express themselves through their clothing at concerts, dressing in layers might really help in the event of some moisture – “You can always take it off or put it back on,” is a motto we like to use.

Music Festival Tip #2 – Backpack

Backpack MusicIf the festival allows backpacks, then RIGHT ON! Having a place to store your hoodie (because who ties them around their waist anymore) is always a good thing. A bag will definitely relieve your stress when the rain deliberately tries to ruin the concert ticket you worked so hard to preserve.

Music Festival Tip #2.5 – Plastic Ziploc Bags

Ziploc PhoneRain + phones do not live happily ever after. Use protection.

Music Festival Tip #3 – Poncho

Poncho FestivalBring a poncho because, in the event that it rains, you better believe poncho prices will go up every hour. $5 will become $10, and then before you know it, you have spent all your money on something as ugly as a poncho. Festivals usually don’t allow you to bring umbrellas either. So there you go.

Music Festival Tip #4 – Boots

Boots MusicOne word: mud.

Music Festival Tip #5 – Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkie MusicIf you are one of the lucky ones who is blessed with amazing cell-phone service, then great for you. For everyone else, walkie-talkies usually help ease the stress of finding your friends at festivals. Whether they are hiding in a port-o-potty or sneaking behind the stage to crash a band’s rain party–make sure you have a reliable way to talk to them.

Rain ruins many things, but it will only ruin your mood if you allow it to. Like a wise woman once said, “Just dance. Gonna be okay. Da. Doo. Doo. Doo.”

Festival tip rain 2


Have any other rain tips for music festivals? Comment and let us know!

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