Low End Theory LA Celebrates 8th Anniversary

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Last Wednesday at the Airliner the Low End Theory LA fans celebrated their 8th year of weekly shows. Phenomenal “Low End Residents” Daddy Kev, DJ Nobody, Nocando, D-Styles and the Gaslamp Killer were all in attendance per the usual. Like flavorful frosting on an already decadent cake, Ras G, Jon Wayne, Clark and Sunny Levine also came out to treat the crowds.

The 8th Anniversary Experience

When I arrived I waited in line and noticed that Miguel, a Low End Theory LA loyalist I’d run into several times before, had gotten in line behind me. When I noticed him I turned and struck up a conversation about the anniversary day show and wondered if he knew who the special guest would be.

“Hey man, you made it out for the 8th anniversary show too, eh?”

“It’s the anniversary?!” He said. “I had no idea.”

“Yeah, last week they had Daedalus performing. Sasha Grey also showed up. What do you think the odds are we’ll finally see FlyLo throw down?” I asked.

“He is here a lot. Who knows?” he laughed.

Low End Theory LA

Before long we were waist deep in deep bass. People shuffled between bars and Strangeloop’s projectors had psychedelic space fractals dancing behind the main stage. As I bathed in sound next to a massive speaker I thought about the incredible journey it must have been for all five beat producing wizards to show up every week for 416 weeks in a row (yes, I did the math). “What dedication!” I thought. “These guys have been doing this so long.” I looked around and it occurred to me that while their commitment to their craft is incredible the place was packed. In fact, Low End Theory LA had always been a full house every week for as far back as I remember. I see many of the same faces week after week and though most of us don’t know the others name, we tip our hats or nod in affirmation when we see each other. We’re family. That’s when I realized; the fans are just as dedicated as the Low End Theory LA Residents. The artists don’t hide away in some restricted area either. They boggle minds onstage, but then they just walk into the crowd and modestly make conversation. They participate in being a fan and that makes the whole Low End Theory experience pretty special.

“With a community like this” I thought. “I can see where they get all the energy.”

When the evening was wrapping up I started walking towards the exit and crossed paths with Miguel again.

“Next week?” He asked.

I reached out so we could pound fists. “You know it, brother.”


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