Lolla Cashless: Lollapalooza Becomes the First Cashless Music Festival

LollapaloozaLollapalooza, the massive music festival that takes over Chicago every year, has announced some game-changing news about this year’s event. In addition to its 130+ performers, it will become the first music festival in the country to allow attendees to pay for foods, drinks, and merch with the debut of the chip-enabled cashless wristband. Dubbed as “Lolla Cashless,” festival-goers won’t have to worry about carrying cash or hitting up the ATM every time they want to buy something. The wristband will act as their payment.


How Lolla Cashless Works

The wristband has a radio frequency identification chip that allows attendees to store their credit card information for whichever account they choose. Those who have tickets have been sent the wristbands ahead of time, so they do not have to worry about registering it once they arrive on site. Follow these steps and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Register your festival pass with the unique ID located on the wristband. You will have the option to link your credit card to the wristband and set a required PIN for security.
  1. Use your activated wristband to enter Lollapalooza. lolla-cashless
  1. Attendees can then order at any bar location and select vendors, and just let them know you are paying with your wristband.
  1. Tap your wristband, add a tip amount, and enter your PIN.

That’s it. Enjoy the show!

For more information about Lollapalooza and Lolla-Cashless, visit the festival’s website here.


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