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Krewella has proved to be an important name to rock the house music genre, receiving a burst of attention in the past year. Krewella’s newest album, Get Wet, has been making some big waves worldwide since it dropped in September. With this release came the radio killers ‘Alive’ and ‘Live for the Night,’ and Krewella’s live shows are nothing less than spectacular–in alignment with their latest work. Krewella Get Wet at LIGHT If you’re looking to create some Memorial Day Weekend memories to jumpstart Summer 2014, Krewella is one wicked group that is sure to be unforgettable on Friday, May 23rd at LIGHT Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Krewella’s Success

Winners of the 2012 International Dance Music Award for ‘Best Breakthrough Artist,’ it’s no surprise that Krewella has been a hot topic, for the past few months in particular. They’ve infiltrated both the EDM and pop music spheres, adding a huge following to their fan base, ‘The Krew.’ It may seem like Krewella has become an overnight sensation, but the electronic music producing trio has been together since 2007, blooming from their hometown of Chicago.

Krewella at LIGHT

Krew Members

Krewella’s members are comprised of the songwriting sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, and their producer/third artist, Kris ‘Rain Man’ Trindi. Something unique about Krewella–which sets them apart from other popular EDM artists performing at LIGHT on Memorial Day Weekend–is their vocals. The Yousaf sisters sing, record, and perform their own vocal tracks; this crosses the traditional concert element of live performance over with the excitement of hearing your favorite DJ spin a live set.

Krewella Memorial Day Weekend at LIGHT

Krewella under the Spotlight

Krewella has been busy lately, touring and appearing at the world’s most popular EDM festivals including Ultra, EDC, Spring Awakening, and Stereosonic. They haven’t been too busy to keep The Krew satisfied, however. Krewella added even more singles to their repertoire, including ‘Enjoy the Ride,’ and collaboration with Tiesto on recent rave-worthy ‘Set Yourself Free,’ debuting on his 2014 album, A Town Called Paradise. Krewella will also perform at EDC Weekend 2014 in Las Vegas (in addition to their May Vegas schedule), at the Daylight Beach Club, along with other treasured EDM favorites.

Have You Seen the LIGHT

If Krewella isn’t enough to get you on your feet and struttin’ down The Strip, just consider where they’re performing and you’ll be on your way. The Mandalay Bay’s LIGHT Nightclub is top tier when it comes to performance venues and Vegas nightlife. ‘Turned on by Cirque Du Soleil,’ LIGHT holds itself to the highest standard for entertainment. Clubbing has never been more of an art than it is at LIGHT, with intense costumes, special and visual effects, of course lighting, and an over-the-top experience you cannot miss this Memorial Day Weekend. LIGHT has all seven of the deadly sins to indulge in on your summer trip to Sin City. Let the audience be warned: you’ll come for Krewella, but once you see the LIGHT, you might never want to leave.

Krewella LIGHT Memorial Day

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