Klingande Sound Will Have You Pardoning Your French

The release of Klingande’s ‘Jubel’ in late 2013 left everyone asking: who are these masterminds of music—and where can we find more of them?

French electronic house music loving duo Cédric Steinmyller and Edgar Catry joined forces in December of 2012, and although they don’t have many tracks on the market just yet, their careers are destined for greatness. Klingande has a sound that’s both soothing and inspiring, with a sexy saxophone beat that has first time listeners whipping out their Shazam apps within milliseconds of hearing their sound journey through ‘Jubel.’

Magic from the Start

Klingande met at school as children at the age of ten, and their friendship evolved into some musical chemistry that’s given way to reactions across the continents. Cédric spent years studying music theory and then spinning his way through adolescence as a DJ, enamored by electronic music, while Edgar indulged in his fascination with the piano. The friends made contact again years later; cue Klingande. After releasing their second single, ‘Punga,’ the reunited French schoolchildren-grown-into-superstars set out to tour Europe, and get to work on the huge year that is not far off in the Klingande horizon.

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For the Love of Swedes

More than just the musical style behind Klingande comes from the land of Sweden. In fact, they have such adoration for the language and the sophistication of the Swedish sound, they even named their band and song productions after journeying themselves through the Swedish dictionary. ‘Klingande,’ in Swedish, means ‘chiming’ or ‘sounding,’ which mirrors their appreciation for melodic sounds. Their title ‘Jubel’ surely has on aura of its Swedish meaning of joy, as well.

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Full Speed Ahead

Kinglande achieved their success without being recognized primarily by another artist, gaining popularity from their self-released singles. Fans and other music producers alike have enjoyed the Klingande sound, as super song ‘Jubel’ was followed by a record number of remixes. The 24-year-old party of two is on the cusp of some mesmerizing new releases, so stay tuned to see what Klingande concocts next, and we can only hope they’ll be spreading the love over to us Americans in the next year.

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