Jack and Jack Take Flight After a Vine Summer

StJack and Jack Lake Pic arted from Nebraska now they here. Talk about an epic senior year! Social media stars—and now published on iTunes—Jack and Jack (Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson) have had a year unlike any other. These best friends met in kindergarten, sharing the same first name and wearing the same exact shirt.

From 1k to 2m

They made a Vine account over the summer and their videos started picking up momentum quickly. Believe it or not, they became famous from one vine in particular: Nerd Vandalism. The Jack and Jack pair, dressed in black shorts, black glasses, button downs and bow ties, approach the 4 x 4 emblem on an SUV and wrote “=16” at the end of it in marker. Boom. Instant fame. They’ve gone from 1,000 to 3 million followers in less than a year, posting one Vine a day.

Jack and Jack MagCon


Expanding into Music

Jack and Jack have proven to be a multifaceted talent, making songs in their studio at home and posting them to YouTube. Two of these songs, ‘Flights’ and ‘Distance’, made it pretty high up on the iTunes top 100 singles chart. Aside from their time spent being international celebrities, Jack and Jack are really just two normal guys. They attended Omaha Westside High School where they said they felt most at home—a place where they could just forget about ‘the whole Vine thing’ and just be seniors in high school and goof around with their friends.

Social Media

How has the success explodJack and Jack Piced into such massive popularity? These Viners said they simply make their videos based on what would appeal to the masses in teenage comedy land. They’ve gotten it down to a Vine science on what will receive likes and what won’t, coming up with all their ideas with a short brainstorming process before rolling the camera. Although they’re now high school grads, Jack and Jack have a way of understanding and producing content that will appeal to their primary audience: pre-teen to teenage girls, ages twelve to sixteen. The boys actually admit they’ve had to clean up their tweets and image for this audience, taking away any cursing and vulgarity that they used to play around with on their various accounts.

Jack and Jack Performing

Jack and Jack still aren’t used to the fame and the screaming girls that accompany the stage when they visit conventions like Magcon, and soon, The DigiTour. Performing, or just letting fans see them in person is something Jack and Jack still find a little bizarre. After all, this all began as a whimsical journey to have some summer fun and make a (what they thought would be) feeble attempt to become ‘Vine famous.’ The teen heartthrobs would sometimes even get a hard time at school for their viral Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, but they do it for those millions of fans who wait for their posts each day.

The Jack and Jack brand has started turning quite a profit from the Internet fame and fandom, getting sponsors and endorsements, and there’s also talk of signing with a record label sometime soon. Jack and Jack save all of their earnings, their parents serve as their unofficial managers, and they plan to spend the cash flow on their college educations. (Talk about a way to pay your way through college!) Jack and Jack have gained such huge success that they’re now headlining The DigiTour this August. VIP meet-and-greet tickets for every city on the 17-city tour sold out within the hour, which seems unfathomable to these once just regular teenagers. Fortunately, for the many who missed out on VIP tickets, general admission tickets are still on sale. For your chance to get to know what the buzz is around Jack and Jack, catch them on tour at a city near you! 

jack and jack fun

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