Stand Out to Fit in: What to Wear to EDC Vegas 2014

EDC Girl Friends EDC Vegas 2014 is in ONE week—AND YES—you are going. You start packing up the standard weekender bag, which includes: your anticipation, toiletries, snacks, too much cash you don’t really have, swimsuits, shades, Vegas necessities, and—of course—your EDC Vegas attire.

Wait…what does one wear to this music festival gone rave meets carnival in the scorching desert heat? We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that; come one come all and behold: the EDC Vegas outfit guide for valiant EDM victors and vixens.

What Not to Wear

EDC dress girls First of all, there will be triple digit temperatures during the EDC Vegas days, and possibly numbers climbing into the 80’s at night. Don’t waste valuable suitcase space with sleeves, pants, and sweaters. After keeping the heat in mind, it’s time to look at the atmosphere. You will probably never encounter another opportunity to dress in sheer ridiculousness with thousands of other equally inappropriately dressed humans. Take advantage of this creative opportunity and DON’T be boring. While a plain bikini top may get kudos at another music festival, EDC Vegas dubs this fashion (at best) a feeble attempt at spirited wardrobe. However, if you have a desire to be boring, there is not a dress code, and you can pretty much wear anything or (basically) nothing at all.


Gals’ Guide

EDC Girl Outfit


Colors are going to be very important for your task in deciding upon your EDC Vegas fashions. Anything bright, neon, fluorescent, and UV friendly is encouraged on this front.

EDC Flower Girls


This will serve as the focal point of your outfit, so it’s wise to put in the thought for your tops. These may come in the form of: bra, bikini top, sports bra, tank, crop top, tube top, halter top, one strap, or even a simple graphic Tee. The most commonly found top that is also guaranteed to be one of a kind is the custom bra. You can do your research to decide on a theme or look for the bra, then head to your local crafting store and fire up the hot glue gun. You can make this into a superhero style, princess, feathered, bedazzled, fur, flowered, or even light up top. And for those of us who are creatively or otherwise artistically challenged (or just too lazy for all this Pinterest-coming-to-life work) there are plenty of vendors that sell rave clothing and custom bras online; take a trip to Etsy or just Google it. Forever 21, American Apparel, and Hot Topic will also be likely to have many rave-worthy items you seek.

Princess EDC Outfit


A common and comfortable way EDC Vegas goers will cover the bottom half is with a fun tutu. Usually, these are short, so make sure you get some flashy bikini bottoms, boy shorts with words, glitter, sequins, spandex, tie dye, leather…whatever design and material you please. Colorful skirts and shorts are also popular, so grab some in neon, sequins, ruffles or stripes, you can’t go wrong here. If you’re not into the short and tight deal, or you don’t feel comfortable baring it all, don’t sweat it (well, you actually might sweat it if you cover up), this is an accepting environment. Feel free to wear a head to toe unitard if that’s what makes your speakers bump.

Bottoms EDC Girls

Leg Coverings/Shoes

Let’s not forget the rest of the legs here, this can be the best part of your EDC Vegas fashion. You’ve seen the huge furry leg warmers that look like boots; these are known as fluffies, and they come in every color imaginable and will be found in bounty at EDC Vegas. Slightly less aggressive are the traditional leg warmers, which can be worn up over the thigh or scrunched down, whatever suits you. You can also venture into the category of leg wraps or some crazy cool tights. And obviously high socks or stockings of any color and assortment are a must for your packing list (you know you just got siked to bring your treasured middle schoolish pair of knee highs). Lastly, let’s not go over board with the shoes. While the rest of your ‘stume should be cooky and elaborate, stick to flat soled kicks. Bring your chucks, vans, go-go boots, keds, etc. and don’t let anything stop you from dancing well into the break of dawn.


These can be a little more effort to make yourself, but learning to make a good flower headband Arial Headpiece will come in handy somewhere along the road. Any type of headband with flowers, beads, jewels, braids, or anything else you can dream of wearing atop those EDC Vegas locks is a necessity. You may consider furry animal hats, or other character hats of any type, maybe even a festive wig. Feel free to adorn your hair itself with color, glitter, or jewels. Additionally, neon glasses can surely see you through a complete EDC Vegas ensemble, and if you’re reading this post, I’ll assume you’ve got it covered on the kandi.

Guys’ Guide

This will be a respectably shorter and simpler list for the EDC Vegas dudes. You want to a) look cool while b) not overheating.

EDC Ideas for Guys


These are the first thing on the list, so don’t leave out your favorite pair. Maybe get fancy with some colored frames and reflective glass.


Bring T’s or tanks, preferably in neon and bright colors, or with fun sayings or graphics on them. You can get some sweet rave shirts online at places like Rave Ready.

Rave Tank EDC Guys


Please don’t wear pants. You will be very hot and probably uncomfortable trying to sport jeans at EDC Vegas.


Comfortable, broken in, and not too expensive.


Light up gloves, light up anything, glow in the dark shoe laces and sunglasses…you can accessorize too!

Light Up Tie Guys

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