DigiFest NYC Recognizes the Rise of Generation YouTube

In just two sleepless nights, fans will finally arrive at DigiFest NYC. Stars from all over the country and world, feeding their fame from social media platforms like Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, will share their talents with thousands of their most enthusiastic followers. The DigiTour created this DigiFest concept as the world’s very first social media tour, digressing from the traditional pop star, and recognizing the new rise in viral, social media celebrities. While their talents can range in the realms of singing, comedic performance, modeling, acting, or short, clever video bursts, these young DigiFest performers all share a common uniting factor: they have a nearly sold out venue in NYC waiting for its big city dose of the DigiTour’s DigiFest.

Social Media Royalty

The intrigue behind the DigiFest is that the stars don’t necessarily all perform a particular skill on stage. Fans are losing it over the prospect of seeing their online teen idols, physically and off the screens. Tens of millions of subscribers wait by their computers and phones for new weekly releases by these DigiFest celebs, whose names may not grace the waves of the radio or television networks, but mean an even greater amount to their youthful fan following than do many bolder, more ‘famous’ celebrities.



DigiFest Hits the Big Apple

DigiFest NYC has generated much anticipation, featuring more than just the hottest who’s who of the Internet and mobile app world. X Factor’s American girl band, and iTunes chart topper with single ‘Miss Movin’ On,’ Fifth Harmony, will be headlining the social media tour. Other notable pop stars who have made it into the fame mainstream will include DigiFest performers Megan & Liz, twin sister pop sensations who earned their career’s beginning from their YouTube channel.



Generation YouTube

The kids of ‘Generation YouTube’ have created a new form of fame along with web-savvy entrepreneurship and an insane amount of fan craze for DigiFest, dropping in NYC for the second time with DigiTour on June 7th, this coming Saturday. Among them are entrepreneurs like Alfie Deyes, known for his YouTube channel PointlessBlogger, a very successful international vlogger from England. DigiFest NYC will bring these eccentric online personalities offline, and allow them to showcase their fame on tour like their peers that fall into the mainstream category of pop culture icons. Although DigiFest NYC VIP and early access tickets have sold out, there are still some slightly less intimate general admission tickets available.


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