DigiFest Madness and the Internet Sensation

DigiFest Madness and the Internet Sensation

The Internet Star

Just call us Millennials.  Those of us who were born and bred in the wake of digital technology, you know what I’m talking about. With huge technological advancements and the creation of new online social spaces, we’ve come to embrace a new kind of celebrity: the “Internet Star.” These Internet Stars have figured out how to use social spaces to showcase their talents–their fifteen minutes are broadcasted on the internet for any curious web-surfer to find. Dozens of celebrities these days got their start online, including comedian Bo Burnham and even pop sensation Justin Bieber.


That Festival Feel

While many of these celebrities won’t get their songs broadcasted on the radio, or their own network TV series or movie, they have a strong fan base that supports their passion. DigiFest has created a venue for these artists to further connect with their fans on a more personal level. We’re perpetually drawn to the festival-style production. Our fast paced and consistently updated lifestyles have welcomed the idea of a diverse line up of dozens of different performances, where the consumer has the ability to choose exactly what they want to see when they want to see it. This is where DigFest thrives. It offers a place for teens to experience a festival-like environment, giving them ultimate control over which Internet Stars are worth seeing.


Startup Central

Founded in 2010, DigiTour Media was the first startup to produce live shows with celebrities from our favorite viral startups, most notably YouTube. They certainly aren’t slowing down, having produced nearly one hundred events, bringing the people their most beloved internet stars. Since June of 2011, DigiTour has hosted their DigiFest festival, showcasing the years most notable internet stars. There are musicians, comedians, personalities, and more. The festival hosts stars from a plethora of social media, including Vine, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and more.

Summer Tour

Digifest 2015 kicked off last weekend in New York, and it’s set to make it’s way across the country, ending in Dallas in September. This year, DigiFest is working towards building up educational opportunities in third world countries, donating $1 to non-profit organization Pencils of Promise for every ticket purchase.
With performances by Demi Lovato and appearances from Nash Grier, Jack and Jack, Stella Hudgens and Alli Simpson, and many more, this year’s DigiFest is going to be an exciting one.

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