Ultimate Convergence of Art: Culture Collide Festival

Co-founder of FILTECulture Collide Balloon R Magazine, Alan Miller, has now come up with a fresh new editorial platform called Culture Collide. This multicultural blend of music, travel, culinary creations, technology development and craft brews will deliver, in brief, a trip around the world all in one spot. The goal of Culture Collide is to bring together all different forms of art in the most splendid sort of way. From all different likes and genres into one cohesive connection, the Culture Collide festival echoes the sounds made around the world. It is the ultimate watering hole of inspiration, an event to enlighten any culture-craving soul.

Culture Collide Performance

For its fifth annual festival, Culture Collide will be shedding its magic in Echo Park in Los Angeles, California in October of  this year. Culture Collide is now, however, branching out into some uncharted territory: cultural meccas NYC and San Francisco. It’s an experience to open the heart and mind up to new favorites. Go ahead and try to escape without adopting a new fetish for an international music talent, a new type of trending cuisine, an undiscovered comedian, or some don’t-know-how-you-lived-without-it information from the industry experts.

Culture Collide Food

Whether you come to admire an old classic, or explore the unknown, Culture Collide will have you leaving wondering where you were when you missed the previous years’ festivals. It’s a three-day collision of the most uplifting aspects of life, which fosters expansion, inspiration, and enjoyment all in one place. Culture Collide is where the curious congregate to learn about all the newest developments at the intersection of worldly travel, fresh eats and drinks, up-and-coming bands and new and noteworthy gadgets. This is a festival that feeds your mind, body and soul, and while it’s available in only select locations this year, look out, because there will be much more Culture Collide news and locations to come in the future.

Culture Collide Stage Dive


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