CreaTour: Why Kids on the Internet Are Cooler Than You Ever Were

The CreaTour, hitting the road and landing in Austin, Orlando, and New Jersey, is an opportunity for fans to meet and socialize with their favorite fames of Youtube, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. Recognizing the rise in viral digital content, CreaTour is taking things off the computer and phone screen for some quality face time—but only for those lucky fans who get their hands on a limited number of tickets. CreaTour Logo

The Big Idea

CreaTour, along with similar efforts like the DigiTour, aims to legitimize the craze of social media talent. Social media is one of the trickiest concepts to get a handle on in the 21st century. Everyone you know either has it or is hailed nonexistent. What makes it so tricky is the vulnerability that comes with posting as yourself—especially if your self seems to stand out from others—instead of who you think would slip under the radar as “socially acceptable”. The brave have come to be those who videotape themselves punking unsuspecting strangers, dancing around wearing pants as a shirt, breaking out into song spontaneously, going on self-deprecating comedy rants, and performing various other acts of choreographed embarrassment. CreaTour has taken those brave and magnetizing online youth presences and mobilized them as a force. Mikey Murphy

Who’s On Tour?

If the 2000’s have taught us anything, it’s that haters gonna hate and with risk comes reward. Tanner ZagarinoYoung people have become celebrities by harnessing their personalities in a viral way. Tanner Zagarino is an aspiring young model/fashion guru and a teen Instagram sensation. Lohanthony, Sam Pottorff, and Matthew Sherrill are teen YouTube stars. The internet generation has lifted these self-declared talents into the spotlight, and the CreaTour has given their millions of devoted fans a chance to connect beyond the confines of the, albeit interactive, two dimensional web.

They Do it For the Fans

Fandom that bounces from adoration to obsession shadows the lives of these youthful celebs, and while they may not be able to give live performances at the CreaTour, the social performance of interaction sells. It’s a rather remarkable phenomenon how seemingly normal kids, some of who have yet to start high school, can join the media with the masses following behind them and make a name that echoes nationwide. That’s what makes these kids anomalies: they lead regular lives, but come home to mounds of fan mail—YouTuber Dylan Dauzat even videoed himself receiving some undies from a fan. Preteen girls especially are losing it over these Internet talents, and they can now take their cyber follows into reality. Although it only has three cities scheduled so far, the CreaTour spirit is likely to become an explosive one; get your tickets and stay tuned for more chances to meet and greet with some of the Internet’s biggest Generation Z stars. Buy CreaTour Tickets!

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