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Some of his songs have been deemed comparable to the sounds of horror movies or farm animals with a sexual atmosphere. Borgore is certainly no bore when it comes to his music. He’s gone from drumming in a heavy metal band, to producing dubstep, and has now switched it over to the trap and house music sound. His richly diverse background in different areas has led to his unique style, which is said to have an attitude. You can hear the undertones of metal in harmony with his electronic beats in his tracks, always innovating when he produces. 

Borgore edge

borgore and mileyThe Israeli-born talent has given the title of ‘Gorestep’ to his own music, and has been known to push lines when it comes to his live act, auditioning and choreographing strippers and pole dancers into his stage performances. Speaking of edgy, his song with Miley Cyrus, ‘Decisions,’ has a music video that leaves you with quite the post-view bold impression. This music producer/DJ/EDM artist now has his own label, Buygore, and his most recent single (‘Wild Out EP’) has ventured into the hip-hip style, featuring vocals from Waka Flocka Flame.

Borgore has been hard at work in the 2014 year, with his new album release earlier this week, on July 8th. The album came out under the name #NEWGOREORDER, and with his bass-bumping preview single ‘Ratchet,’ which dropped on June 10th, the rest of the album is sure to be the summer club anthem. He’s having a heated summer in the USA with the buzz for #NEWGOREORDER whirling, touring all around the states. The album launch party was on Tuesday night, a yacht party cleverly called ‘Bor-Voyage.’ The celebration was hosted by Borgore himself along with the #NEWGOREORDER label Dim Mak Records, and it gave fans the chance to hang with Borgore & friends on a three hour boat cruise in the Pacific.

Bor Voyage

Borgore is no softy, taking a great deal of criticism on his different EDM sound, but he doesn’t let it get to him. He’s been accused of ‘ruining dubstep,’ but his confidence in the music and himself, accompanied by his increasing sea of fans, allows him to easily shrug off the haters. Borgore has an explosive energy on and off stage, and his tour this summer will show everyone just how contagious this performer can be when it comes to attitude and music and working in the entertainment factor in addition to his skill. Even though he’s spreading his sound in America this summer, he says Israel will always be his home; Borgore has nothing but love for his homeland of Tel Aviv, which he heralds as having an intense club scene and all the excitement you could hope to find in one place. You’d better catch him in the summer of 2k14 before he scurries back home!

Borgore cover

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