Betty Who, That’s Who: Aussie Pop Queen Takes the States in Headlining Tour

Betty Who, That’s Who: Aussie Pop Queen Takes the States in Headlining Tour

Australian-born, indie pop artist, Betty Who is bringing her funky jams to the stage this summer for a headlining tour across North America called The Convertible Nights. If you’re asking yourself “who is Betty Who?” you should get to know this up and coming powerhouse ASAP.


Grassroots Diva

The Aussie songstress is a refreshing blast from the past with a modern twist. Betty seriously caught audience attention after her independently released EP, The Movement in 2013, featuring hits like “Somebody Loves You” and “High Society.” The EP earned her titles such as “Best EP of 2013” by Billboard and Popjustice as well as “The Artist Who Will Save Pop Music” by Idolator to name a few. The rad thing about this soulful songstress though, is that her music is clearly not made for the praise. It’s the imperfections that speak to audiences and her ability of writing a chorus that can instantly start a flash mob (yes, that actually happened.) The Movement later evolved into her first, and most recent, LP, Take Me When you Go: a telling album reminiscent of ‘80s pop and modern indie synths, similar to a retro version of Florence and the Machine or Katy Perry.

Disco-Pop Vibes

Betty’s idiosyncratic sound draws inspiration from ‘90s divas such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, while maintaining the nostalgic styles of disco-pop that could be pulled straight out of a John Hughes film. Of course, her personal music experience that began developing during her early youth is what makes Betty, Betty. Needless to say, this chick knows what she’s doing.

Tour of the Summer

I can only imagine a Betty Who concert as an enormous dance party. If it’s anything like the “Somebody Loves You” music video, it should be an experience infused with hardcore dance moves and pure bliss that no one wants to miss out on. You know when you’re driving and your favorite song comes on the radio and you fully bust out in the most on point lip-syncing session of your life? (If you don’t then you’re lying to yourself.) Imagine that feeling, but being surrounded by hundreds of other people feeling the same way. It’s a recipe for total, house party-esque madness.


Betty Who will be accompanied by synth-pop troupe, Coin, as they hit the road and kick off The Convertible Nights Tour beginning June 6th.

Will you be cruising through? Be sure to check out tour dates here!

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