Amazon Fire Phone Heats Up the Smartphone Game

The age-old battle between Apple, Google, and the other guys may finally be seeingAmazon Fire Phone Music an equal playing field. Enter the hottest new release on the smartphone market: the Amazon Fire Phone. Not only is Amazon aiming to make a smartphone that can keep up with King iPhone and Google’s Team Droid, but they’ve also got their eyes on an even more daunting prize: becoming a prominent brand name in the music vendor category.

Amazon Takes on Music

Amazon first launched its Prime Music feature in hopes of becoming a company associated with music–although their success has already more than dominated the e-commerce industry. Their streaming quality is one that rivals the likes of Spotify, taking a preset collection of playlists and pulling them down from a virtual cloud space at your demand. But, Amazon, being the great and brave adventurers that they are said: to hell with making a music app, let’s kick it into high gear with a smartphone of our own! Amazon Fire Phone is looking to strut its stuff alongside the high rolling brands in smartphone land. And what makes this an even smarter business branching move for Amazon is that its success doesn’t depend on a huge sale of this new mobile trinket, it’s only the beginning of an appetizer they’ll raise and use to eventually take over the world. The online world, of course.

Amazon Fire Phone Release

Firefly Outsmartphones The Competition

While my quivering apps absolutely love being on the receiving end of my daily games of storage-is-full Russian roulette, I can’t say I’d be opposed to some improvement. Cloud Drive has no cap on storage, so your days of pic deleting rampages have seen their demise. Many of your favorite handy dandy apps will come built into the Fire Phone software. Netflix, HBO Go, Pandora, and Amazon’s own apps will be yours upon arrival. Fire Phone switches out the robot-automated sidekick with a Shazam-like guide; this feature allows you to find out what song is playing, the artist’s bio, song price, and lyrics. Firefly answering your musical inquiries is only a small victory; it identifies TV shows, movies, email addresses, QR codes, phone numbers, and allows you to real-life pin things you’d like to purchase–whether in a dream or in practicality–and stores your wish list (like, you could probably get that for way cheaper on Amazon right).You won’t miss a cold robotic touch when you have Firefly technology to keep you warm at night.

Amazon Firely

In another time and space, where Android users don’t face discrimination with their pitiful non-blue SMS’s, all these features are tempting. But, you’re probably not confident enough to abandon the wonderland of iTunes to get beat blocked by a more meager selection on Prime. While music has only been Amazon’s side girl, they’re now teaming up with some interesting partners in the industry to gain some more appeal. They recently joined forces with iHearRadio, included as a function of the Amazon Fire Phone, letting you build a custom smart station around any of the songs you tag.

Extra Fire Phone Flare

I know what comes next. Could these headphones stoop to compare themselves with a fresh pair of Beats? Amazon Fire Phone comes equipped with quite the set of earbuds for you to pop in while avoiding making eye contact mid-stroll. They might not have been developed by Dr. Dre, but these earpieces have a flat cord with magnetic buds; I dare you to get them tangled.

Amazon Fire earphones

All of the above might not have made you glitch like the average smartphone, but the prospect of getting a free year of Amazon Prime (unlimited supply of over one million songs) and all its musical glory just may push you over the edge. Add on a 13-megapixel camera and a price that’s $100 cheaper than most equal or lesser phone gadgets on the market, and I’ve packed my suitcase to jump ship.

When Can I Get It

Amazon did show up fashionably late to the smartphone party, but at least they arrived in style. For those lucky contract holders at AT&T…your journey begins on July 25th. Verizon, we’ll have it in our hands before the software starts projecting holograms, and every other wireless network, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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