Top Acoustic Electronic Dance Tracks That Are Perfect for the Drive Home.

Top Acoustic Electronic Dance Tracks That Are Perfect for the Drive Home.

When non-listeners of EDM try to think of the music, they generally relate it to the thumping bass, random beats, and other noises that resemble the sound of a spoon is stuck in your sink’s garbage disposal — it is just noise. These listeners don’t like the cacophony! It sounds like nails on a chalkboard! EDM is the worst! They only like good music, real music, guitars, voices singing songs about love, ugh.

Well tell them to have no fear because acoustic electronic dance tracks exist, and they’re so beautiful. After listening to them, I shed one single thug tear to signify its beauty and simplicity. I like to call them E-coustic Dance Mellow tracks.

After surveying an EDM group of over 14,000 members, I’ve compiled a playlist of all of the contributions! But we’ll go through some of my favorite ones as well!


Top 5 honorable mentions include:

Avicii vs. Nicky Romero – “I Could Be the One” (Noonie Bao Acoustic Version)

I add this because the original song was one of the first electronic dance tracks I ever enjoyed, and yes, it was partially due to its catchiness, but it was 200% due to the music video. If you haven’t seen the music video, PLEASE WATCH IT NOW. It’ll make you want to do things, I promise.

 Above and Beyond’s Full Concert at Porchester Hall.

If you need that great set that will give you chill vibes for an hour or so, put on Above and Beyond’s full concert. A&B’s music is already amazing, but the full concert version – vocals, instruments, & acoustics – brings a whole new appreciation for EDM.

Krewella – Alive (Acoustic)

I’m not going to lie; this song does trigger a few eye rolls here or there when I hear it on the radio or at a show, so I was reluctant to give this acoustic version a chance, seeing as I’m incredibly particular on my acoustic covers as well. However, I could not stop listening to this version and getting all feelsy and wondering when I was going to feel alive because I WANT TO FEEL IT SO BADLY NOW. How dare they give such a great acoustic performance. Sigh. It’s almost… Krewell of them to that to me.. heh.

Collin McLoughlin – “Save the World Tonight” (Acoustic Version)

I imagine myself playing this song as I am holed up in my room on an overcast day, wrapped up in a blanket and looking out the window as rain drops softly begin to pitter patter down the glass. The one candle in the room creates a tiny orange orb but it does nothing for my grey and blue room. It signifies the small glimmer of hope that I have for someone to save the world… preferably tonight. Sigh. Also, I need a camera panning my room from left to right very slowly, starting with me sitting on my bed on the left and then ending with a close up of the small candle.

You’re welcome.

Kaskade – “Steppin Out” (Late Night Alumni Slow Dance Remix)

Another vision: you are in a small Italian restaurant that has brown cobblestones and brick walls. It has just finished raining. You just enjoyed a meal by yourself because you’re secure enough with yourself where you can eat alone and not be sad about it. As you get the check, you get a text from an old friend that you haven’t talked to in a while, the friend that you may or may not have gotten with in college. You pay for the meal, and walk out, smiling at your phone as you reminisce on the memories you’ve had. You miss him/her, but not in a toxic way — they’re all great memories and you wouldn’t change them for the world. It smells like rain outside. You inhale and smile.

Wow, I need a life.

Matthew Koma – “Spectrum” (Acoustic)

Sorry not sorry for highlighting this song. Yes it was on the radio, blah blah spectrum, so 2000 and late. Honestly, I couldn’t not mention this song (hey at least I didn’t highlight “Latch” acoustic – ok we get it Sam Smith, you make us feel when we didn’t know we had anymore feels to feel). For best results, please listen to this song alone in your car, either parked somewhere at night where there is a lot of noise but it’s far away from you (ie. like somewhere you can see Disneyland from your car but don’t actually hear it) or perhaps while driving along the coast with your windows down at night time. Great.


For all of the non-EDM listeners who can’t stand the laser shooting sounds and the booms and the bangs and the NOISE, give them this playlist and let them melt.  

Know of any other awesome acoustic electronic songs or covers? Take to the comments and let us know!


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