8 Things You Don’t Want To Miss At Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo, the ultimate music and arts festival, will return to Manchester, Tennessee this Thursday, June 12 and run through Sunday, June 15. This four-day (yes, four-day) festival is set to be bigger than ever as Elton John, Kanye West, Jack White, Lionel Richie, Arctic Monkeys, Frank Ocean, and Skrillex are just SOME of the long-weekend’s headliners. In fact, 80,000 happy campers will accompany over 150 epic performers as they take over 700 acres of Tennessee. So, “Who should we check out?” you ask. Our answer to you simple: “Everyone.” The lineup is absolutely insane, and we do not have short list for you. You should try to see as many artists as you can. That’s it.


Although music is the single most important thing in our lives (and it should be yours too, with no exceptions), we cannot help but be amazed by what else the Bonnaroo festival grounds have to offer. The great thing about this particular event is that it leaves a lot of room for activities, and we love activities. At Bonnaroo, these activities seem to be unlike any other festival we have ever come across, and we wanted to share them with you. Check out our “8 Things You Don’t Want To Miss At Bonnaroo” list below!

#8 – General Stores

General StoreNobody’s perfect. When traveling, you ALWAYS forget that one little thing that’s kind of important. Bonnaroo understands that you are so focused on your remembering your ticket (or wristband in this case) that you may not remember to pack toilet paper, toothpaste, mac-n-cheese, ramen, etc. You know, the essentials. Stop by the the Bonnaroo General stores open throughout the festival for your convenience! Or just forget things so you have an excuse to visit!

#7 – The Bonnaroo Salon Hosted By Garnier Fructis

Garnier BonnarooNot sure how to braid your festival beard? Well, don’t worry because the good-old folks at Garnier Fructis will provide hair washing, hair styling, and even braids to attendees at Bonnaroo. Now, we all know that people at festivals tend to smell great all the time, but just in case, Garnier will also provide shampoo and conditioner! Yay! Who doesn’t love free samples?

#6 – Roo Run

bonnaroo-RooRun-site-soldoutSometimes there is just so much space at music festivals that you don’t get the opportunity to sweat enough. Well don’t worry, because Bonnaroo is all about staying fit too! 5K races seem to be all the rage these days, and the Roo Run is no exception to that trend. “Sprint, sashay, or scamper like a crawdaddy — prizes will be awarded to racers who participate at various speeds and with colorful style,” says the site. With that said, we’re practicing our sashay as we type.

#5 – Kidz Jam

Kidz JamBonnaroo believes that the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. In fact, that’s why they created Kidz Jam – a safe cultural haven full of performances, interactive games, sports, challenges, and oodles of recycling art projects! Water, sun block, earplugs and more are offered free of charge to help make sure that the little tikes have a great festival experience. Not so fast parents. Baby-sitters will NOT be provided, so be sure to find a nice stranger to pay while you go check out Skrillex.

#4 – The Silent Disco

bonnaroo-silentdisco-siteBelieve it or not, but some people don’t always enjoy listening to extremely loud music. “Turn down for what?” you ask. Whether you’re tired from a long day or just sensitive to the bass, the Silent Disco allows you to listen at your own volume. Live DJs will be spinning, while you create your own sound experience with the provided wireless headphones. We dig it.

#3 – Snake & Jake’s Christmas Club Barn

Christmas BarnWe didn’t even read the full description for this, we just saw ‘Christmas Club Barn’ and made it #3 on our list. Bonnaroo’s website promises it will “feature lights, reindeer and at least one creepy Santa.” Sold.

#2 – Bonnaroo Post Office

Bonnaroo Post OfficeWhat better way to learn what a stamp is and how to use it than at a music festival? If you buy something from one of the many on-site vendors and don’t know how to get it home, stop by the Post Office at Bonnaroo. They have boxes, envelopes, packing materials, stamps, and special postcards marked with the official Bonnaroo postmark! HOW COOL IS THAT? Cool enough to be #2 on our list!

#1 – Hamageddon & BaconLand

bonnaroo-hamageddon-siteBacon makes everything better. The fact that Bonnaroo has a whole land dedicated to bacon is just so overwhelming that, by law, we had to feature it as #1 on our list. We begin with ‘Henri’ in ‘Hamageddon’ (the space next to BaconLand) as he creates a beautiful, artistic, culinary representation of how bacon is made. That is pure art. At nearby BaconLand, attendees can indulge in a Bacon Flight with quality selections from around the country, or enjoy smoked Tennessee bacon on a BLT, grilled cheese or egg sandwich. Life is beautiful.



Any Bonnaroo veterans out there? Share with us your favorite aspects of the festival in the comments below!


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