8 Performances We Need at the 2014 MTV VMAs

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There’s just a little over a month left until the 2014 MTV VMAs return to the West Coast at The Forum! This past week, the network announced the nominees as well as some of the performers set to take the VMA stage on August 24. They include Usher, Ariana Grande, and 5 Seconds of Summer. This got us thinking… Who’s going to be 2014’s Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke? Will anything ever top an *N SYNC reunion? Ok, let’s be honest, nothing will ever top an *N SYNC reunion, but MTV always seems to have some tricks up their sleeves. While we try to contain our excitement, we thought we would share our list of ‘8 Performances We Need at the 2014 MTV VMAs’ with you! Check them out below.


#8 – Lorde

2014 MTV VMAs2014 is definitely Lorde’s year, and to make it even better it was just announced that she is nominated for some VMAs! If she is asked to perform, we expect Lorde to debut a new single in addition to a medley of her hits. We’re thinking a mega-mix of Team, Tennis Court, and Royals followed by some new tunes. She’s set to embark on a tour shortly after the VMAs, so we’ll see if our first prediction is correct!


#7 – Maroon 5

2014 MTV VMAsIt’s been a while since Maroon 5 graced us with new music, but with the recent release of ‘Maps’, we are sure something bigger is on the horizon! In fact, the band recently announced their new album ‘V’ as well as a nation-wide tour to start later this year. With the exception of Adam Levine on The Voice, we haven’t seen these guys on TV in a good minute. We would love to get a live performance of ‘Maps’ at the 2014 VMAs, and we really, really think we’re going to.


#6 – Chris Brown/Justin Bieber

2014 MTV VMAsLet’s make 2014 the year of the comeback! Although this year hasn’t necessarily been a great one for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, they both seem to be in the studio working on new music. Frequently making appearances on each other’s Instagram accounts, we would love for these two to channel all of their energy onto the VMA stage! It’s been a while since they’ve made formal public appearances, and we think it’s about time that ended. So, MTV, we’re pitching a mash-up between these two bad boys for 2014. What do you think?


#5 – John Legend/Sam Smith/Ed Sheeran

2014 MTV VMAsJohn Legend has an amazing voice. Sam Smith has an amazing voice. Ed Sheeran has an amazing voice. Here’s a crazy idea, MTV: Why not have them perform together at the 2014 VMAs?! They could sing their hits, each other’s hits, other people’s hits, etc. Honestly, they could sing the alphabet and we would still be right there cheering. The possibilities are endless! Can someone make this happen? Please.


#4 – Nicki Minaj/Iggy Azalea

2014 MTV VMAsAlthough both female rappers have denied there is a feud brewing between them, it’s obvious that Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea have publicly thrown little digs at each other. Other than apologize on Twitter, we believe the only logical thing left to do battle it out on the VMA stage! Iggy can get ‘Fancy’ while Nicki just does Nicki, and in the end they can just hug it out. And then we can all live happily ever after.


#3 – Taylor Swift

2014 MTV VMAsT. Swift is no stranger to the MTV VMAs. Whether it’s her show-stopping performances, killer dance moves, or getting cut off midway through an acceptance speech, she is always making headlines with her awards show appearances. With a new album rumored to be hitting shelves in October, we’re predicting a new single to light up the airwaves near the end of August. Ding Ding! Yes, you guessed it! What better way to debut her new single than at the 2014 MTV VMAs? Now, let’s just sit back and wait for an announcement. We’re counting on you Taylor. We want to get back together.


#2 – Beyoncé

Weekly TicketDo we even need to explain?


#1 – Jay Z/Kanye West

2014 MTV VMAsOk, now this is just another one of our crazy musical fantasies, but we’re really pulling for an overdue Watch The Throne reunion between Hov and Ye. We can picture it now. Jay has just come off his highly successful ‘On The Run Tour’ with wife, Beyonce. They announced she is pregnant with their second child on the last night on the tour. He is left to finish other projects while Queen Bey is with child. He calls up Ye and they fly to Paris to record WTT2. The album is slated to be released sometime in November, and the leading single serves as the finale for the 2014 MTV VMAs. Hey, we can dream, right?


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