5 Hot Fundraisers for Burning Man 2014

Don’t know anything about art fundraisers for Burning Man or even Burning Man, itself? You’ve come to the right place.

Every year at the end of summer Black Rock City emerges from the dust as thousands of “Burners” head out to the desert to be a part of the globally renowned festival known as Burning Man. For most it’s a lesson in survival and community, but for many participating in the culture of giving is what makes the experience such a personally defining one. Most of the art that makes Burning Man such an incredible experience is worked on year round with whatever resources the artist has available. The fact that most of these art installations are remarkably colossal makes the act of relocating them to Black Rock a challenge all its own. The true beauty of Burning Man, in my view, is the people that whole-heartedly support these projects. These folk in many cases reengineer their own life schedules to bring sensational art to life. The art is then presented as a gift to any who will share in the experience.

The unfortunate reality is many of these creations never make it out to Burning Man. Some don’t get completed on time and some don’t get approved for safety reasons. Not surprisingly, several never leave the garage simply for a lack of funding. Perhaps in a fit of FOMO I set out to find the hottest videos representing the art fundraisers for Burning Man because just because I can’t go doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t. Here’s a list of the 5 hottest art fundraisers for Burning Man 2014


Number 5: Fjorgyn

Sailing the sands on a Viking ship art-car sounds like a dream. This one promises aerial performers, a dance floor and a bar. This beautiful beast of fabricated steel is named Fjorgyn, after the queen of Asgard – Wife of Odin and Mother to Thor.


Number 4: Xuza

In addition to a dance floor and dj booth this art-car also provides an oasis of soft cushy seats and shaded hammocks to shuttle Burners around Black Rock.  Xuza will be a much-loved refuge both for escaping the heat in the day and raging in style at night.


Number 3: Vulvatron

Who else but the Clitorati could come up with an art car in the shape of a giant vulva? Complete with LED’s, a wicked sound system and 3D projection mapping this piece is one nobody wants to miss. Also, they’re suggesting participants explore the erogenous zone – a cozy nook just big enough for two.


Number 2: Discopella

Discopella sports a gigantic discoball that opens up into a friggin’ lotus – with a stripper pole. If that’s not enough this transformer has an arsenal of lasers, fire cannons and ambient lighting to make the very ground that surrounds it an extension of the dance floor.


Number 1: Fire in Balance

It’s virtually impossible to talk about the hottest projects at Burning Man without looking at Fire in Balance. This massive display of the phenomena known as “inverted fire” pushes the envelope scientifically and promises a comforting place to gather during those cold playa nights. From the talented team at Poetic Kinetics this one is sure to spur a deep-seated curiosity with “Fire, like you’ve never seen it before”.

The idea that any one of these imaginative sculptures may not make it to their intended destination is, to me, a genuine sadness.  Like the space shuttles that were engineered with the hopes and dreams of a nation yet never got the necessary support to cruise the cosmos. Most don’t fully appreciate the technical know-how or philosophical nuance that goes into these inventive marvels, but there’s an intimate connectedness that seems to form around the art of Burning Man. That’s why these fundraisers for Burning Man exist and that’s why donating to make the work of these artists possible is more than a tax write off – it’s a way of owning and participating in the experience that brings Black Rock City to life.

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